Do I need to calibrate a new digital hygrometer?

YES! Even if your new hygrometer says it’s pre-calibrated out of the box, you should calibrate it before you use it in your humidor.

Think about it. In the factory, someone calibrated that hygrometer—who knows how long ago. Then it was packaged and transported overseas. Then it sat on the shelf until you bought it. Knowing that you should calibrate a hygrometer every six months, does it make sense to just pop an inaccurate, albeit new hygrometer in with your cigars?

That original factory setting is no longer relevant to a new hygrometer’s home in your humidor. You need to set a new baseline of what’s right. 

Use the Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit as the tool to help you get accurate relative humidity (RH) readings in your humidor. Takes just 24 hours for professional-level results. Order the calibration kit for humidors here