Why do I feel small crystals or hard lumps inside my new Boveda?

A brand-new Boveda is pliable, jelly-like and “squishy.” Sometimes you might also feel some small crystals or lumps inside the pack, which is totally normal. Your Boveda is still safe to use. 

Here’s why crystals can form inside a new Boveda: The signature formula inside Boveda is a saturated saltwater solution. We add all-natural salts and a food-safe thickener to purified water then seal it all in a leakproof membrane. When we combine the ingredients and fill the membrane, sometimes an excess of those blended salts will mix with the water. As a result, small salt crystals that feel like hard lumps can occasionally form. Additionally, changes in temperature or other conditions can create recrystallization of the salts. This can feel like regular table salt or occasionally like coarse sea salt.

Any crystals in Boveda won’t impact the performance, effectiveness or shelf life of the 2-way humidity control.

Before placing in an instrument case, always insert Boveda into the pouch(es) of its Boveda fabric holder. The leak-resistant holder lets pure water vapor in and out while providing an extra measure of protection from a sharp string, sharp crystal or unfortunate impact.