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Why Boveda For Raisins?

A study by the Association of the German Insurance Association ( illustrates the need for raisins to be stored at a particular humidity/moisture content level in order to taste best and provide for the longest storage life.

By performing a sorption isotherm on raisins, they determined that the perfect RH for raisin storage is 69% RH.

At relative humidities greater than 70%, raisins become tacky, grow mold and ferment and may support yeast growth.

At relative humidities less than 60%, raisins become tough and hard.

Try placing Boveda in your raisin box or bag and after only a few days you will visibly see the difference. Raisins without Boveda look paler and taste drier. Your raisins (or any dried fruit) will be plump and juicy, instead of dry or sticky.