High Absorption Boveda

High Absorption Boveda

High Absorption Boveda

High Absorption Boveda

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  • You and your wood instrument live in a climate whose humidity level is above 50% year around. Not sure? Check your local humidity levels. (Lower humidity? Choose Boveda 49% for wood instruments.
  • You want to reduce mildew build-up and odors while balancing the humidity level in your case.
  • Your wood instrument is unlikely to dry out, so you’re worried about warping but don't want humidity control to be your new gig.
  • You care about your music.
HOW BOVEDA 49% RH HIGH ABSORPTION HUMIDITY PACKS DIFFER FROM BOVEDA 49% RH Boveda 49% RH High Absorption absorbs 3x more moisture than Boveda 49% RH and safely protects your wood instrument against damage from extreme humidity. There’s a specific geometry built into your wood instrument. No matter the cost of your instrument, it is delicate and can be damaged by fluctuations in humidity. If you expose your wood instrument to humidity swings day after day, you can throw of its measured alignment and cause permanent damage. Storing your wood instrument in a stable environment created by Boveda High Absorption:
  • Preserves your instrument
  • Keeps it out of the shop
  • Betters your sound
Even in drippy locales, humidity control is no sweat for Boveda.
Boveda is pure water and natural salts sealed inside a leak-proof membrane that only releases pure water vapor when it’s needed. (If your wood instrument is overnighting in an air-conditioned room or traveling by air, for example.) Boveda 49% RH High Absorption formula is more salt, less water. Boveda absorbs and adds moisture slowly and precisely to achieve and maintain a relative humidity (RH) level between 40 and 60% in your closed case. Tested in a lab at rainforest-like conditions, Boveda 49% RH High Absorption:
  • Expanded to 65 grams
  • Kept its leak-proof seal
  • Amazed even the musicians in the house
HOW TO USE BOVEDA IN YOUR INSTRUMENT CASE Boveda 2-way humidity control works automatically—there’s nothing else to add.
  1. Just slip the unwrapped Boveda(s) in the Leak-Resistant Boveda Fabric Holder(s) (Available separately.) (Do not open the Boveda itself.)
  2. Let Boveda get up close and personal with your wood instrument:

    -For Guitars:

    Drape one Boveda Fabric Holder over your strings into your sound hole to really get into the body of your instrument. Nestle the other holder where it will not be crushed underneath the headstock to control humidity near the headstock and fretboard.

    -For Other Wood Instruments:

    Nestle the Boveda Fabric Holder(s) storage cut-out(s) within your case where the holder(s) will not be crushed.
  3. Shut the lid and keep it closed whether your instrument is in there or not

Initially, Boveda has some catch-up work to do, so your first Boveda won't last as long as subsequent ones.

After your first set, Boveda will last 2-4 months depending on the time of year, your climate and your case. The material of your instrument case also affects the lifespan of Boveda.

You’ll have to replace Boveda less often in a: ABS plastic or fiberglass case

Why? Rigid, solid surface cases are more airtight. (And might even have a waterproof seal.) Because these cases allow less air in, Boveda doesn’t have to work as hard, so it will last longer.

You’ll have to replace Boveda more often in a:
Wooden case

Why? Most wooden instrument cases are made of twice as much wood as the actual instruments they hold. Boveda will absorb moisture from your wooden case as well the instrument inside, which will reduce the lifespan of Boveda.

Soft case (hard/bag)

Why? Unlike a hard case, a soft instrument case or bag is made from materials that generally allow more air to pass through them. While Boveda will still provide humidity control in a soft case or bag, the increased airflow will reduce the lifespan of Boveda.

WHEN TO REPLACE When Boveda 49% RH High Absorption fully expands, it’s time to replace it.

*Within the same wooden instrument case, do not mix Boveda 49% RH High Absorption and Boveda 49% RH or different Boveda RH levels. Instead of creating a new “average” RH, the moisture will merely transfer back and forth between the Boveda. Do not use Boveda with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda.