What shipping services does Boveda provide?

Boveda offers US Postal Service shipping to both Domestic and International destinations. If your order is being shipped to the United States will be offered:

•USPS First Class (for orders under 1 pound)
•USPS Priority Mail
•USPS Priority Mail Express*
•UPS Ground

If your order is shipping outside of the United States you will be offered:

•USPS First Class International Package (for small, light orders)
•USPS Priority Mail International
•USPS Priority Mail Express International*

*Express Mail does not imply “overnight”, or “next-day”, it simply means we ship your order via the fastest service that the US Postal Service offers. If you place your order right before a day (or weekend) the shipping warehouse is not open and you select Express Mail, your order will be shipped via Express service on the next day the warehouse is open.

All orders will be provided with a tracking number regardless of the shipping service you select.

Boveda does not pre-pay for customs for international order shipments, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to cover these costs where applicable.