How Do I Season My Guitar Case?

Most guitar cases are made of twice as much wood as the actual guitars they hold. Boveda has some catch-up work to do, so your first Boveda won’t last as long as subsequent ones. We recommend seasoning your guitar case first for best results.

  • Place 4 Boveda 60 gram at 72% RH in Boveda pouch holders
  • Drape one pouch holder over your strings into your sound hole
  • Nestle the other pouch holder near the headstock and fretboard
  • Shut the lid and keep it closed for about 2 weeks with your guitar inside
  • Remove Boveda 72% RH and discard it
  • Insert Boveda 49% RH in your Boveda pouch holders
  • Properly position pouches in your guitar case
  • Shut the lid and keep it closed whether your guitar is in there or not

*Do not mix different Boveda RH levels within the same guitar case. Instead of creating a new “average” RH, the moisture will merely transfer back and forth between the Boveda. Do not use Boveda with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda.