Why is it Important to Season Your Humidor?

In the name of Rocky Patel,

please, please, please don’t store cigars in a new humidor without seasoning it first. Think it’s too complicated? Seasoning a humidor doesn’t have to be a CHEM 101 project. See how Boveda 84% RH Seasoning Packs will make your desktop humidor cigar-ready in just two weeks. (And all you have to do is toss it in.)

Can you skip humidor seasoning?

A new humidor is a like a vampire. Its dry wooden interior is thirsty. It will suck the moisture out of every unsuspecting Arturo Fuente it comes in contact with. Additionally, you’ll constantly battle low humidity levels that make for dry cigars and lousy smokes.


What if you season a humidor with distilled water? 

For a cigar aficionado, a humidor is an investment. Your humidor and its seal may not recover from improper seasoning with distilled water. Introducing 100% humidity to your humidor can shock the wood and literally cause damage. Why risk cracking, molding or warping the wood?


Why season your humidor with the Boveda 84 RH Seasoning Packet?

 Works in 14 days in one step with nothing else to add.
 Delivers the only patented 2-way humidity control by automatically adding AND absorbing moisture.
 Releases purified water vapor, which won’t contaminate your cigar storage.

Whether your preferred smoke is La Flor Dominicana, Tatuaje, Padrón or another prestige cigar brand, let’s start off with a proper humidor seasoning.
Video: Step by step instructions on HOW to Season your Humidor.
Website: Buy Boveda 84% RH Seasoning Packs right now!

How do changing seasons/temperatures affect cigar storage?

If you’re using Boveda, it doesn’t.

Relative humidity (RH) is inextricably linked to temperature. A certain dose of moisture at one temp will be too much at too little at lower or higher temps.

So if you’re using (PG) solution with gel, beads, crystals, sponges, the changing seasons make your job even harder. Have you settled into a time consuming habit over the winter of monitoring levels in the jar/sponge? Checking your hygrometer every few days, making sure the thermostat was at a specific temp and moving your humidor around? That won’t work when you open the windows to let the spring and summer in.

Why? PG solution and the various forms of water reservoirs don’t know when to stop adding moisture. They’ll still be giving off moisture at night when the temp falls. And they’ll still be giving off moisture when you’re enjoying the rain with open windows.

Boveda users don’t worry about any of this. As a leader in 2-way humidity control, Boveda is the only technology that isn’t controlled by the environment, but acts on it. Again, since RH and temp are forever linked, the temp and humidity can rise and fall. Boveda will add or remove moisture as necessary to get to the RH% on the pack.

It doesn’t matter the season or condition, Boveda is accounting for the temp changes. That’s the reason our Humidor Bag is so popular for golf bags. Whether it’s 90+ degree heat 60 degree coolness in your garage, you have year-round protection for your cigars.

If you’re using Boveda, all you have to worry about is what you’ll do with all the extra time on your hands.