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Leaving your guitar out of its case—even overnight—can sometimes do some serious damage. Depending on the humidity level of the air around your instrument, your guitar could be subjected to the lowest RH lows or the highest RH highs. (Talk about having the Blues!)

Humidity swings can rock the fine-tuned mechanics of your wooden guitar. Hear how the fear of totaling yet another guitar and the loathing of sponges and distilled water, led pro musician Matt Berry to Boveda. Now this lead music pastor at Eagle Brook Church will never trust his guitars to anything but Boveda’s 2-way humidity control.


“I have struggled my whole life keeping my instruments properly humidified…two years ago I was exposed to these Boveda humidifier packs and they were a game changer.”

-Matt Berry


Humidification with BovedaBoveda will protect your guitar from common woes caused by seasonal dips in humidity, like:

  • Sharp fret ends
  • Excessive neck relief
  • Fret buzz
  • Cracking


Concentrate on cord changes, not humidity changes

Matt Berry puts his energy into prepping, practicing and performing for the many services at Eagle Brook Church, a 2,100-seat worship space at its Lino Lakes, Minnesota, locale. (It’s one of six campuses for Eagle Brook, currently the largest church in Minnesota.) Part of Eagle Brook’s draw is how it mashes up church, comfort and culture. The music has everything to do with that. Most of the singers and musicians, along with Matt, have professional cred. They share their talents through music about real life.

Hewitt Studios - Guitar CasesIt’s not a bad gig for Matt who also owns Hewitt Studios, which he opened in 2005. At Hewitt, Matt has created a professional, but home-like, recording facility where serious artists can come to produce their music affordably.


As a professional musician and producer, Matt realizes the importance of taking care of his guitars and advises other musicians to do the same. “You invest in your instruments. They’re an investment of your profession—what you do,” Matt explained.



Singing the praises of Boveda’s easy humidity control for guitars

Matt likes that Boveda take the hassle out of protecting his investments. In specially designed guitar saddlebags, Boveda packets hang in the sound hole of the guitar and tuck around the neck. Boveda takes it from there—adding and absorbing moisture to lock in a precise 49% RH.

Boveda Science


For Matt and many other musicians, gone are the days of letting sponges go dry or over humidifying their guitars with drippy hoses.

“We’re musicians, so we forget about that stuff,” Matt said. “We’re thinking about the song we’re working on.”

So whether your instrument is crafted from Indian rosewood, sitka spruce, Hawaiian Koa or any other type of wood, Boveda will keep your guitar at an ideal 49% RH. And thank heavens, Boveda is so easy to use. When the packets become hard and crunchy, that’s when you replace them.



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Boveda is the #1 Guitar Humidifier!

Guys… we did it! Boveda has been named the #1 Guitar Humidifier by Test Facts!

 guitar humidifier

Test Facts looked at the design, type, and efficacy of each guitar humidifier and rated each 1 – 5 with 5 being the best. We got a 4.8!


“The Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control system is our top choice for a multitude of reasons. While most of our picks remove moisture to ensure peak condition for your guitar, this one can actually add it in as well to keep you in the perfect 44 – 55% range.”


Check out the rest of the test here


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Bourgeois Believes in Boveda

safest guitar humidity packs bourgeois

When is a name more than a name?

When your name is your brand. For world-class luthier Dana Bourgeois of Bourgeois Guitars, the care and precision that go into his work continues after you grace your collection with one of his guitars. Inside each Bourgeois sold in the US and Canada, you’ll find an offer for a free D’Addario Starter Kit (made by Boveda).

Here’s Dana himself to tell you why:
“We pride ourselves on using the finest materials, thoughtful design and advanced construction techniques. Without proper humidification, the integrity of even the finest guitar is continually at risk. We recommend Boveda to all of our customers because they are the simplest and most effective case humidification system on the market.  The long-life and no-water-needed aspect of the Boveda system makes it easy for players to maintain proper case humidify with very little fuss. We love Boveda!”

Click here to experience the zero-maintenance storage perfection so you can jam more and fuss less.

guitar humidity packs safest guitar humidity packs bourgeois

Here’s our pal Evan Skopp (left) taking possession one of Dana Bourgeois’ (right) coveted creations.

3 Things We Wish People Understood About Cigars and Flavor

1. Fluctuations in humidity will cause cigars to lose essential oils and flavors.

Like fine wine, cigars are natural products that live, breathe and age. They’re loaded with natural oils and sugars that provide all the character, flavor and foundation for improving with age. In fact, we even speak of the marriage between wrapper, binder and filler, where the oils and sugars contribute to a harmonious whole. Aging and allowing cigars to develop the “bloom” as the oils and sugars mature makes us really appreciate the harmony of flavors in fine cigars. (This is the reason you bought the cigars in the first place.)

Caring for cigars properly, like all natural products, is essential for enjoying them as the cigar master intended. To do that, you need to know some of the basics about cigar care, and indeed, about cigar tobacco.

Tobacco is “hygroscopic,” meaning it has the ability to draw moisture from surrounding environments as well as give up moisture. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult to maintain the natural oils and sugars contained within the blend.


2. Neglecting to store cigars in a proper environment is a mistake. Don’t compound a mistake with another mistake.

The biggest doom to fine cigars are fluctuations and/or cycles in humidity. There are 2 major enemies that are trying to impend this doom upon your cigars at all times. The first enemy is the storing environment. The second enemy is any inferior product that attempts to control this environment.

In other words, humidity fluctuations arise with normal changes in ambient temperature and humidity. Whereas cycles in humidity occur when using any refillable humidification device.  Both are bad for your cigars.

The humidity inside your humidor spikes when filling any refillable device with water. This is then followed by a steady drop in humidity as the water evaporates. During each of these cycles, some of the natural oils and sugars contained within the cigar’s blend dissipate along with the moisture. This robs the cigar of its character, flavor and its foundation for improving with age.

Additionally, the jolt in humidity that happens when filling a refillable device with water creates an environment for your humidor to collect mold, mildew and bacteria. This not only can cause off-flavors in your cigars but can also cause degradation during the aging process.


3. How to wipe out fluctuations in humidity and age your cigars properly:

The answer is simple, Boveda. Before Boveda, all that cigar aficionados had to care for their precious cargo were one-way humidifiers like orange peels, lettuce heads, etc. (this all seems very old-fashioned to us). Two-way humidity control continually responds to the environment and maintains a very stable and precise RH (Relative Humidity). This stops fluctuations and extreme cycles these fluctuations put your cigars though. It is this balance that prevents loss of the natural oils, sugars and flavor as your cigars age.

See for yourself what proper humidification can do for your cigars!

Luke Chase
Marketing Associate

FAQ: Why didn’t Boveda last 2 months in my guitar case?

Humidipak/Boveda should last about 2 months in your guitar case, so why didn’t your first set last that long?

Simple. It’s your case.

Imagine you had Tupperware large enough to put a dry guitar and 3 Boveda inside. Tupperware is vapor proof and doesn’t absorb moisture. It would take a few days for the guitar to absorb moisture it needs. The Boveda also needs time to regulate the humidity inside to a stable RH between 45-55%. The thirsty wood in your guitar case will absorb a lot moisture and cases don’t (generally) have a tight seal. Therefore, the Boveda have to work much harder.

Add to this the fact that 75% of the moisture of the Boveda is being used by the wood in the case – not the guitar. There’s a lot more wood underneath the felt/padding of your case than there is in your entire guitar.

Once the wood in the case gets the moisture it needs, it will stop competing with the guitar for moisture. The case will also seal better, keeping the moisture inside and creating a more efficient environment.

It shouldn’t take more than one set of 3 Boveda to get your guitar and case conditioned. (Remember to replace the packs when the entire thing is almost completely rigid.)

If you’ve gone through a set in a couple weeks, your case/guitar were dry and/or your case doesn’t seal well. If you go through two sets in a month or so, you need a new case.

Keep in mind, your case can lose a surprising amount of moisture if it’s left open. You’re going to get the best life out of Boveda by keeping the case locked tight, whether the guitar is in it or not.

Charles Rutherford

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