Auto-Trim with Twister | EP. 10



Automation saves money and time plus helps growers shift resources


Help people grow. That’s a mantra for Twister’s Matt Christopherson.

Grow cannabis.

Grow a more efficient cannabis operation.

Grow experts in the cannabis industry.

Matt (AKA Matty) is the vice president, business development and a partner at Twister. Since 2007, the company has revolutionized the cultivation process. Its high performance specialty cannabis trimming machines make quick work out of this onerous task.

Matty from Twister talking about cannabis.

Twister just introduced a new professional unit that can trim up to 100 pounds of cannabis per hour. (By comparison, a really good hand-trimmer can only make her way through 1½, maybe 2 pounds of flower PER DAY.) Switching to automated trimmers lets cultivators advance hand-trimmers to more customer-focused positions. These hands-on cannabis experts make great brand ambassadors who can then educate consumers about responsible growing methods, harvesting cannabis, trimming buds and more.

Large growers in more than 20 countries process their flower with Twister Trimmers. But Twister makes automated trimmers for small scale growers as well as multi-acre/multi-level facilities. And machines for either dry trimming or wet trimming. Matt discussed with Drew and Scott how Twister takes the stress out of harvest and helps growers scale their businesses.

Find out why Matt can part a crowd like a rock star at cannabis conference, like he did at the 2018 Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo in Toronto, where Matt appeared as a panelist with other cannabis industry leaders.


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What’s in this bud-trimming-made-easy interview?

  • What’s a Twister Trimmer? (0:40)
  • What’s “cannabis harvesting equipment”? (1:36)
  • Introducing the new Twister Trimmer that can trim 100 lbs of cannabis per hour (3:06)
  • What’s the role of moisture content in trimming cannabis? (3:48)
  • How can cannabis companies increase profits after harvesting cannabis? (6:43)
  • How cultivators lose money to moisture evaporation after drying buds after harvest (8:17)
  • What are the economics of over-drying cannabis and dangers to cannabis patients (9:00)
  • Why is Matt Christopherson like a cannabis rock star? (12:37)
  • How working directly with growers on drying and curing to the perfect moisture content for trimming has created amazing reviews (13:25)
  • How will the cannabis industry evolve over the next 5 years? (15:54)
  • Where in the world are cultivators using automated cannabis trimming equipment? (17:36)
  • Why price pressure will encourage cannabis companies to embrace automation (18:07)
  • How many pounds of bud can a seasoned hand trimmer trim in one day? (19:10)
  • Why retrain hand trimmers into cannabis company brand ambassadors (20:05)
  • How to find a mentor in the cannabis industry (21:30)


This is too cool! See a Twister Trimmer & Conveyor in action.


Who’ll thrive in the Green Rush?

Cannabis pros who find efficiencies in their processes through automation can pull ahead in this competitive market. Another way cannabis brands can boost profits is by keeping flower properly hydrated. Protects a grower’s yield per plant. Moisture loss can occur all along the supply chain—from cultivators and processors to distributors and retailers. Companies that cure, store and merchandise flower with Boveda keep buds plump, trichomes intact and revenues healthy.


Rachelle Gordon

By Rachelle Gordon

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