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Cultivate: with Drew and Scott

Introducing The Cannabis Podcast: Cultivate with Scott Swail and Drew Emmer

First things first. Scott is the young guy. Drew is the self-ascribed old guy. (And Luke Chase is the on-air producer/line judge for Boveda’s new cannabis podcast, Cultivate.) In their first Cultivate episode, Drew and Scott address: Why it matters if your flower is dry. What if you like dry flower. And what that intense […]
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Box Press with Rob Gagner

Introducing the Cigar Podcast: Box Press with Rob Gagner

Lose yourself in a good cigar and delve deeper into your cigar hobby with Boveda’s own Rob Gagner. Not only can Rob grow one helluva beard, but he’s also the host of Box Press, Boveda’s new podcast for cigar aficionados (and those who strive for that designation). In this premiere episode of Box Press, learn […]
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Boveda Science

What Makes Boveda the Only Precision Humidity Control?

Two-way Humidity Control means the same thing to us today as it did when we patented the packaged version 20 years ago: The ability to add and/or remove moisture and still maintain a specific Relative Humidity (RH). It means acting on the environment instead of being at the mercy of it. It means specificity, reliability […]
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