You’ll Never Have To Wonder

Your cigars and cannabis will be kept at a precise humidity level and you will be alerted to any fluctuations with the Boveda Butler. Auto updates will be sent to your phone when your Boveda needs replacing. It’s all there.

Boveda Butler app in hand

By setting up the App with one or more humidors or containers and placing your Boveda Butler inside, you will be alerted to any humidity fluctuations so you can adjust when needed.

Boveda Butler in wooden box
Auto Reorder

When your Boveda is almost ready to be replaced, you’ll get an alert. Then easily reorder your favorite Boveda products directly from the App.

Boveda Butler on cloth surface
24/7 monitoring

With 24/7 monitoring, Boveda Butler will do all the work for you. You never have to wonder if your cigars or cannabis are still properly protected.