Keep a watchful eye on your cigars or cannabis without lifting the lid of your humidor or container. The Boveda Butler monitors your humidor and its prized contents and then sends humidity, temperature and impact alerts directly to the Boveda App on your smartphone.

Boveda Butler How-To Videos and Guides

As of April 2021, Boveda no longer sells the Boveda Butler. If you’re currently using this sensor, it will continue to function without any changes. There will be no disruption to the app or customer service.

If you have any questions about set-up or service, check out the videos and user guides below.

How to Set Up the Boveda Butler


  • How to log into the Boveda Butler App (00:29)
  • How to link the Boveda Butler to a smartphone (00:44)
  • What to do if the Boveda Butler’s battery pull tab was removed prior to setup (01:05)
  • How to calibrate a Boveda Butler (1:22)
  • How to install a Boveda Butler inside a container (02:43)
Boveda Calibration Kit

How to Calibrate a Boveda Butler


  • How to sync up the Boveda Butler you are calibrating (00:18)
  • How to use the calibration kit bag (00:38)
  • What to do with the sensor after the 24-hour calibration is complete (00:46)
Screenshot from video on how to use Boveda Butler

How to Set Up Remote Monitoring with the Boveda Butler


  • How to increase the range of the Boveda Butler (00:11)
  • How to connect the Boveda Butler App using a compatible bridge device (00:37)
  • Where to access Boveda Butler data if you’re not using remote monitoring (01:27)

Additional Questions About the Boveda Butler?

If you didn’t find the answers in the resources above, we’re here to help. Please send an email to the customer service team at Or call 952-745-2900, Monday – Friday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (U.S. Central Time).