Cheaper than Ruining a Humidor

There’s no question why Boveda is the standard in cigar storage for manufacturers and cigar fans. It just works! Unlike everything else on the market, it will never over-humidify and doesn’t need maintenance or activation.

But the issue some people have is the cost. Sure, a set of Boveda is probably more than a puck/gel/crystal/sponge. That’s because it can do what no other products can do. Boveda gives you peace of mind and avoids over-filling or using too much of another product.

The picture is an example of cheap turning out to be expensive when your humidor gets nuked by high humidity.

Only Boveda will never humidify beyond the RH on the pack. That’s why we have a small recommendation of at least one Boveda per 25 cigar capacity. Because using more than recommended lasts longer and needs less frequent replacement.

Compare that to the directions on all other products—they have the largest filling/wetting instructions because they’re not 2-way humidity control. They keep adding high humidity even when the box is already too wet.

The performance of all other products relies entirely on how much you fill them and the ambient temp and humidity.

You spend good money on humidors and cigars. Don’t skimp on moisture control. Click here to learn more and buy now.