67 gram 4-PACK Boveda
  2 Liter CVault®
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CHOOSE AN RH LEVEL (Relative Humidity):


Congratulations! You’re growing your own medicine. Cultivating is an investment in your own wellness. Keeps you stocked with your preferred strains. Gives you power over their potency. And control over the condition of your herbs. (And once you get going, home grown green saves you a ton of green.)

Along with pro lights, fans and nutrient-rich soil, you’ll also want LP-grade tools to cure and store your bounty. So after you grow it, harvest it and dry it, bring in Boveda + CVault®.

Why Boveda for curing?

Post-dry, Boveda slowly and precisely revives your herbs. Boveda enhances your home grow’s flavor, aroma, color and most importantly, potency. Properly hydrated herb retains its medicinal efficacy and provides a better experience. Boveda encourages your full bouquet of cannabinoids and terpenes to finish developing.

How does Boveda work?

Using natural salts, Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control adds or absorbs 100% pure water vapor to achieve and maintain a specific RH level perfect for your herbal medicine.

Boveda provides the cleanest and most purified humidity of all other products available on the market today. So Boveda is safe to touch your herbs. Hundreds of the world’s top cultivators and home growers count on Boveda to easily cure and store their precious flowers.

58% VERSUS 62%?

  • Boveda 58% if you live in a humid climate or like drier herbal medicine
  • Boveda 62% RH if you live in a dry climate or prefer moister strains

Will Boveda over-humidify herbal medication?

Never. Boveda knows when to stop adding moisture, so it won’t humidify beyond its RH. No more moldy herbal medicine! You can never use "too much" Boveda. Using more Boveda than recommended makes Boveda work more efficiently and last longer.

Boveda can last 6+ months depending on how often you open your CVault. You'll know when it’s time to replace Boveda when it becomes rigid.

Note: Do not mix Boveda RH levels within the same container, and do not use Boveda in the same container with other humidification products. They will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of the Boveda.

Why CVault?

Avoiding light and humidity swings keeps your medicine fresher longer. Food grade stainless steel CVaults are airtight and impenetrable by light. (And unlike jars, they won’t shatter if you drop them.) And after months of caretaking, why trust your harvest to mere plastic bags?



Grow along with Dianna Donnelly on her own home grow adventure in Kingston, Ontario.

25 plants.

4 strains.

1 tricked out closet.

8th floor apartment.

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