Cannabis Consumption and The Active Lifestyle

Cannabis haters peg us as lazy, hazy, mentally deficient loafers who should just pop some aspirins and suck up whatever ails us. Those in a position of ignorance also blame the cannabis plant for many of modern society’s ills.

Choose to use cannabis as part of your health and fitness routine, and you’ll probably face generalizations and misunderstandings at every kick-turn. In truth, cannabis stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth. A great many cannabis consumers are, or once were, elite athletes!

How do we change this stigma against our favorite flower?

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Simple. Tell your cannabis story. 

The reality is, most people personally know someone who has used cannabis in a beneficial way. That someone may not feel comfortable sharing his or her healing story at the starting line, on the chairlift or at book club.

If cannabis users want to change the way we’re all perceived, we must get over it and get talking.

So here’s my story. Hear how I used cannabis as an aid to get my fitness and well-being back on track after an accident.

Relief & Redemption

During my high school years, I was a serious athlete. I never really thought about partying with cannabis or even alcohol. Life had different plans for me.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I first tried cannabis shortly after I’d been sidelined for the remainder of the swimming season by knee and severe lower back injuries. At the time, I wasn’t necessarily seeking pain relief. Perhaps an exciting diversion? I had plenty of time on my hands since my doctors had all but forbidden me to play sports.

I greatly enjoyed my first few experiences with cannabis. But it took more than a year for me to notice the healing benefits of flower. Once I began consuming the herb daily, I transformed from a high-strung kid who had trouble sleeping and couldn’t get through the day without pain relievers and expensive knee supports, to a person who had a positive outlook on life, went to the gym regularly, and slept well!

Since “coming out” about my positive experiences with the cannabis plant, I’ve encountered hundreds of others just like me who count on the herbal medicine to maintain healthy lifestyles. With each story, the characteristics of a “typical” cannabis user proved untrue.

Non-Toxic Pain Management

The science and medical communities might still be deliberating the safety of cannabis and infused products, but one thing is certain:

Cannabis poses fewer health risks than conventional pain remedies.

To quell muscle soreness and pain from overuse and injury, athletes at all levels use pharmaceuticals. Both over-the-counter and prescription varieties are typically not recommended for long-term use. Popular pain relievers such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, for example, are known to cause damage to the digestive system over time. Taking opioids poses even more health risks, including the threat of addiction. The body builds up a tolerance to these more powerful pain relievers, which makes them less effective the longer you rely on them.

Using flower daily might sound like a “bad habit” to some, but for me, cannabis motivated me to become more active. Even in the face of pain and stiffness, the psychoactive effects of the flower helped me forget about the perceived limitations from my chronic aches and soreness. I was able to get back into the gym and have pride in my fitness once again–and because of that, I will always be grateful to cannabis.

A Healthier Way To Recover

Allowing the body to rest and recover is one of the most vital portions of any workout plan—even for those just getting started on a fitness journey.

I’ll be the first to admit that when I started consuming cannabis, my methods were not the healthiest. Like many teens, I smoked sub-par product in sub-par ways–from a dirty pipe, tobacco leaf, or in the worst cases, even an aluminum soda can.

However, as I learned more about medical cannabis and officially became a patient myself, a whole new world of healthy options opened up to me. These days, I medicate using a vaporizer or snacking on wholesome and healthful edibles.

I only consume the best quality flower grown by a trusted cultivator in a strain that is specifically for my needs.

If you medicate with flower, the unique aroma and flavor of each bud should automatically attract you. I love that Boveda’s 2-way humidity control preserves the special flavors that I love the most. When I stock up on a strain that works for me, I want to maximize its effectiveness– not let it go stale and dry out in my jar! I just toss in Boveda and it protects my medicine for a few months.

When it comes down to it, using cannabis as part of a wellness routine is becoming much more accessible and acceptable thanks to the growing wave of legalization campaigns worldwide. If someone like me can find a new sense of balance and wellness from smoking the herbal flower, it can help others, too.

Preserve the healing properties, flavor and aroma of your herbal medicine with Boveda.

Before participating in any exercise or fitness program, please consult with a physician or other healthcare provider.

Roni Stetter– Roni Stetter

Roni Stetter is a professional in the cannabis industry who has been touched personally by the plant. She has used it as part of a healthy pain management routine since 2010, and since that day has worked hard to educate the world about the positive physical, mental and societal effects of legalized cannabis.

Roni Stetter’s posts are being provided for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Boveda of any of the products, services or opinions of Roni Stetter. Boveda bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of this post or links to the posts. Contact Roni Stetter for answers to questions regarding her content.

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