Introducing the Boveda Closure

Continuing its rich history of raising the bar for cannabis packaging, Boveda is proud to present the revolutionary Boveda Closure, an integrated cap that will boost efficiency, improve operations, and most importantly, protect flower from terpene evaporation and degradation.

Precise 2-Way Humidity Control Preserves Cannabis Quality and Consistency

Boveda Closure and Jar of cannabis.


The fully integrated Boveda Closure provides a convenient one-piece cannabis packaging solution to build quality and efficiency into tedious packaging activities. Now available in a conveniently threaded jar cap, the closure features 4 grams of Boveda’s saltwater cannabis preservation formula securely embedded in the lid.

The Boveda Closure sitting on top of cannabis flower.


The Boveda Closure deploys the same advanced technology as the 62% Relative Humidity (RH) Original Terpene Shield™ packets, but in an integrated cap for a range of plastic and glass jars. An all-natural, saturated salt solution ensures cannabis flower is optimally stored between 55-65% Relative Humidity (RH). Maintaining this stable environment protects against trichome damage, terpene loss, overdrying and mold—factors that affect your brand’s reputation and bottom line.


The Boveda Closure is compatible with a wide variety of plastic and glass jars that have the same matching neck specification. The diameter (finish) is 53mm, and is made of opaque, BPA-free, recyclable polypropylene (#5).


  • Patented cap includes 4 grams of Boveda’s most popular cannabis-specific solution to maintain precise 62% RH
  • Tangible brand differentiation with a unique lid and Boveda build right in
  • Consistency that protects your brand reputation and the strength, flavor and aroma of your flower


  • Jar cap threads onto the majority of plastic bottles and jars with a 53-400 finish.
  • Available for 1 gram, 3.5 gram, and 7 gram jars
  • Protects up to 1/2 ounce (15 grams) of flower


  • Quickly achieves and maintains precise 62% humidity control with proprietary all-natural saturated salt solution embedded in the lid
  • Preserves terpenes and other volatiles


  • Child Resistant (CR)
  • Senior Friendly
  • Composed of FDA compliant and ASTM-tested materials
  • The plastic chamber and closure are manufactured in a cGMP environment
  • Passes all Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) testing


  • Eliminate the risk of lost water weight from over-dry flower
  • Designed to integrate with packaging production lines, saving time in high volume operations


  • Made with post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) PET and PCR HDPE plastic to reduce carbon footprint
Tricann Dispensary
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Tricann Dispensary: Going Above and Beyond to Put Patients First – Tricann, a Maine-based, vertically-integrated retailer, has always had a caregiver ethos even as adult-use sales began. Find out how this company is doing whatever it takes to make sure every person has the medicine they need, including offering custom terpene/cannabinoid blends, advanced testing, adoption of tools to protect cannabis such as the Boveda Closure, and deploying a patient-centric business model.

I’d Like to Hear More About the Boveda Closure


Who can purchase the Boveda Closure?

The Boveda Closure was designed for wholesale purchase by cannabis retailers, growers, distributors, etc. In order to purchase the closure, you’ll submit a wholesale application and upon approval be able to purchase. If you have already been approved, the closure is available for purchase on our wholesale site or through your sales representative.

Does the Boveda Closure have a 2-way humidity control pack in it?

It does not have a humidity pack inside, but our patented 2-way humidity control solution is threaded into the cap. This allows for seamless, no-hassle cannabis packaging.

Does the Boveda Closure preserve terpenes?

Using our patented saltwater 2-way humidity control solution, the Boveda closure does preserve terpenes. This will ensure that your cannabis tastes, feels, and smokes perfectly when it gets into consumers hands.

Does the Boveda Closure keep cannabis at 58% RH or 62% RH?

The Boveda closure achieves a happy medium and preserves your cannabis between 55-65% RH. Maintaining this stable environment protects against trichome damage, terpene loss, overdrying and mold; factors that affect your brand’s reputation and bottom line.

Is the Boveda Closure easily customizable for cannabis packaging?

The Boveda Closure is purposefully sold in two solid, plain colors: black and white. These 2 colors comply with cannabis packaging regulations of most states, and are easily customizable.

How can you brand the Boveda Closure?

The flat-topped exteriors are non-branded, so a cannabis company can affix its own logo stickers post-purchase. Available in either black or white, the closure provides a neutral backdrop to a cannabis brand’s identity.

Is the Boveda Closure child-proof cannabis packaging?

Yes, the Boveda closure is child-proof. This child-proof cannabis package design complies with the cannabis packaging regulations of most states.

What sizes of the Boveda Closure are currently available for purchase?

The Boveda Closure is currently available for purchase in the following sizes: 

  • 1 Gram of Cannabis 
  • 3.5 Grams of Cannabis 
  • 7 Grams of Cannabis
Are the jar and the cap sold together or separately?

It’s your choice. You can buy the closure separate from the jar or the jar and closure together as a set.

Does medical marijuana have to come packaged in a child-proof container?

Typically, all cannabis must be packaged in a child-proof container. However, this information does vary from state to state.

Can you package cannabis with silica gel beads?

You can if your cannabis is excessively moist; however, a silica packet is merely a drying agent. It cannot prevent cannabis from overly drying out.

To guarantee cannabis stays between 55% and 65% RH—the safe zone for flower—use 2-way humidity control technology, which is directly embedded into the cap.