Cannabis Not a Commodity Yet

Avocados. Bananas. Cannabis?! Will mainstreaming flower turn cannabis into a commodity, like produce? Where will these cannabis crops thrive? (And how soon can you book a ticket?)

Which country will be the next to (or never) legalize cannabis, plus:

  • What public cannabis companies look enticing to investors now
  • Which countries could be ideal cannabis exporters
  • Will positive thoughts change the world (Meditate on worldwide legal rec.)

Why we should be grateful if our country of residence is even considering legalization

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What’s inside this episode:

  • Is Boveda made in the United States? (7:07)
  • Cannabis stocks are becoming more popular (11:29)
  • Comparing cannabis to the dot com boom of the late 1990s (12:22)
  • Once cannabis is a commodity crop, where will mass production occur? (13:40)
  • Shout out to South Korea for legalizing medicinal cannabis (14:55)
  • Will Russia legalize cannabis? (CBD-infused gimlet, anyone?) (15:08)
  • Which country will be the last to legalize cannabis? (17:11)
  • What cannabis show is Boveda headed to in January and why you want to be Lance Lambert’s personal assistant (17:55)

What’s in Quinn C. Martin’s Boveda Gift Bag? The Boveda Butler!

Boveda Butler with CVault

New year, new name! The Boveda Smart Sensor is now the Boveda Butler, smart cannabis storage at your service.

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Quinn C. Martin and Todd Shapiro

On this episode, comedian Quinn C. Martin schooled the group on the low rate of unemployment among African Americans in the U.S. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the unemployment rate among Black or African Americans dipped to 5.9% in November 2018. (That number is still higher than other unemployment rates within other racial and ethic groups in the U.S.)


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