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How to Break the Stigma of Flower | Ep. 03



Some cannabis converts were once naysayers. What changed? They, or someone they know, found relief from flower. People in all walks of life turn to this plant for healing and pain relief, including amputee Charlie Rutherford, Business Development Director for Boveda. Watch then share Cultivate episode 3 with cannabis skeptics you know.

Cultivate episode 3 covers:
• What turns a cannabis doubter into an advocate?
• Why do some MMJ laws doom flower?
• How sharing a personal story can change public perception of this amazing plant.
• Does storing buds with Boveda prevent you from making kief?

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“His [Charlie’s] open mindedness is truly a breath of fresh air.”

-Arianna Zhen



Charlie Rutherford was a cannabis skeptic—and he works for Boveda!


Charlie is probably not who most people picture as a stereotypical cannabis user. He’s a business professional who volunteers weekly at his church. And despite his injury, he’s a competitive athlete, who still skis, golfs and mountain bikes.

Charlie turned to herbal medicine to ease pain after his left foot was amputated following a motorcycle accident. Phantom limb pain and nerve pain became a constant, agonizing problem. Yet the doctors’ only solution to deal with this pain was to give the former motorcycle racer more and more opiates. Charlie turned to flower to treat insomnia caused by chronic pain. Luckily, his connections in the industry took care of him in his time of need.

He soon discovered that healing flower is not your high school pot. Medicinal cannabis is dosed, condition-specific and regulated. Charlie took a proactive approach to find the best ways to use the plant safely. He’s tried flower, vaping oil and edibles to treat pain.


“Cannabis enthusiasts are seeking a more intellectual approach

and want to learn about different varietals, correct dosage amounts and what

medical benefits  can be found with the correct balance of THC and CBD.”

The Herb Somm

How to break the stigma of flower

  • Listen to patients who use cannabis as a wellness tool.
  • Look into your own health concerns—does flower help others find relief?
  • Share your cannabis success stories—make flower mainstream.

Now Charlie is a cannabis believer and dedicated to de-stigmatizing the cannabis plant. Charlie has authentic conversations about the flower’s natural pain relief. He’s instrumental in Boveda’s support of HeroGrown (formerly Grow for Vets), a program that helps American heroes gain access to cannabis, including veterans, first responders and their families.


“I was a skeptic before as well. Until I got this terrible migraine.”



MMJ: Share 1 Reason to Change 1 Mind.Twitter Logo 


Where is medicinal marijuana headed?

States that have legalized cannabis.

“In recent years, voters in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state have approved the legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes. Twenty-seven states and the District of Columbia also allow for state-regulated dispensaries of medical marijuana.” –Governing

Many medicinal cannabis programs, however, can be very restrictive. In Minnesota, there are only a select number of delivery methods available to patients–pills, oils, and tinctures–and no flower. Pain isn’t even a condition covered by Minnesota’s medical cannabis policy.

Medicinal marijuana can also be hard to access and expensive. And it’s not easy to find doctors who will recommend or can prescribe herbal medicine. Charlie is concerned these roadblocks will desuade patients from seeking treatment, thus reducing the success of Minnesota’s legal cannabis program.


What qualifying medical conditions are covered under medicinal cannabis laws in your state?

Although they vary from state to state, some qualifying conditions for medical marijuana patients include: pain relief, cancer, nausea, spasticity, glaucoma and movement disorders.



“Thank you for not living in denial and let logic and science prevail!”

-Ganjaism Campaign 


How to keep your herbs healthful

Seeing is believing. Sharing success stories about herbal medicine goes a long way in normalizing flower. But to have success stories to share, patients must use fresh medicine. Cannabis retains its potency and therapeutic effects when it’s properly stored in an airtight container with Boveda’s 2-way humidity control.

Boveda 8gram

Herbal medicine stored WITH Boveda had 15% higher terpene and cannabinoid levels than WITHOUT Boveda’s 2-way humidity control.

Both Boveda 58% RH and 62% RH formulas work the same way—they add and remove moisture to keep your herbal medicine fresh. CHOOSE:

  • Boveda 58% RH if you like drier strains or live in a high humidity climate
  • Boveda 62% RH if you like moister strains or live in a drier climate

With Boveda, there is nothing else to add, which makes Boveda easy for MMJ patients to use. Just toss in Boveda with your medicine. Replace after 2 to 5 months—or whenever Boveda gets hard and crunchy.


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Does storing cannabis with Boveda prevent you from making kief?


Kief is those tiny, sticky crystals that cover flower and contain its terpenes and cannabinoids. Often people harvest kief by drying flower until trichromes break off, which reduces the herb’s therapeutic value. You’ll get better use out of your medicine by using Boveda to keep your flower at a steady 58% to 62% RH and extracting kief using a three-chamber herb grinder.



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