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State of the Cannabis Business for 10 Countries in 2018 | Ep. 05

Cultivate with Scott Swail & Drew Emmer

You hear a lot about legal rec in the U.S., but what’s the status of lifting prohibition across the globe?

How do U.S. flower policies compare with what’s happening in Europe, Canada and other countries? Get a whirlwind world view from Lance Lambert, a strategic team member in Boveda’s growing herbal division, and Benjamin Patock, a Boveda executive in international relations.

Benjamin and Lance from Boveda


Watch Boveda’s flower foursome to find out:

  • How the cannabis legalization landscape looks throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and other nations
  • Who’s buying flower in the burgeoning U.S. legal markets
  • What’s new for Boveda’s herbal users


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Europe has:

  • Cannabis cafes
  • Some MMJ
  • Cannabis “social clubs”

One thing Europe doesn’t have? Any nations that have legalized recreational cannabis.

In Europe’s legalization landscape, most nations are shifting toward highly regulated medicinal markets, with very little acknowledgment of recreational consumers.


The Bulldog in Amsterdam—Cannabis Coffee Shop
The Bulldog–Cannabis Coffee Shop

Take Amsterdam, for example. With new developments in cannabis policy, the idea of Amsterdam as a flower free-for-all is outdated.

The Dutch city’s cannabis coffee shop culture is legendary, so it’s widely assumed that buds are legal there. Amsterdam’s coffee shops are permitted to operate with limited stock of product onsite—only 50 grams at a time. What they stock for customers is all grown as part of the illicit market.

While there are no penalties for consuming flower in Amsterdam, there isn’t exactly a legal “cannabis industry” there— at least not to the degree you’ll find in decriminalized U.S. states. So aside from a strong “maybe” from Amsterdam, what are the most welcoming nations in Europe for cannabis legalization?

Spain is the top contender. It has a small but growing industry as well as sanctioned social clubs. And Italy is not far behind, with a strong, growing movement to legalize there.

Just like views vary from state to state in U.S., some European nations offer opposing viewpoints on legalization. The United Kingdom and Norway, which are typically considered some of the most advanced European nations, are far behind when it comes to cannabis. Neither country has a medical marijuana program.

Hopefully, the rest of European countries will follow Spain’s lead.



  • Cannabis legalization, though slow, is progressing state by state.
  • State-by-state legalization translates into state-by-state rules.
  • Improved interstate communications will make for more seamless transitions for new rec states.

The United States takes center stage in most legalization discussions. Ever since Colorado, Washington and Alaska were the first to decriminalize adult use by legalizing commercial sales in the 2012 election, several more states have followed suit.

Some of the effects of legalization haven’t necessarily matched up with society’s initial expectations. One post-legalization surprise is that the demographics of the typical cannabis consumer have changed dramatically.

Dispensary customers were once assumed to be twenty-something men with skateboards in tow. Actually cannabis retailers and online educational outlets are overwhelmed by demand from older folks, predominantly the Baby Boomer generation.

Of course, there are still some out there who oppose cannabis legalization, but the wave of progress that originated here in the U.S. is slowly taking over the world—and Boveda will be there for it. Boveda is expanding its footprint to ensure MMJ patients in other countries can preserve the therapeutic properties of their medicine.



Boveda works behind the scenes with many big names to keep their flower fresh from harvest to sale. Brands that trust their cannabis to Boveda include Aurora, CannTrust, MedMen, Nectar and Palm Springs Safe Access. Both industrial-scale producers and individual growers find Boveda incredibly easy to use.

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Boveda Map

(And more countries are joining the Boveda Cannabis Nation all the time!)


AFRICA: Some retailers: South Africa

ASIA: Formal distributors: Israel

OCEANIA: Formal distributor: Australia and New Zealand

EUROPE: Formal distributors: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom. Some retailers: Greece, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway and Estonia.

NORTH AMERICA: Formal distributors: Canada and United States.



Yes, Boveda ships to most countries. However, a high number of Boveda customers have experienced lost packages in the following areas, so Boveda no longer ships to these locations:
• Kuwait
• Turkey
• Countries in Africa, Central America or South America

When you order from Boveda: You must enter your mailing address in English characters to get a correct postage quote. We reserve the right to cancel the order: If you enter your mailing address in a foreign language
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Roni Stetter– Roni Stetter

Roni Stetter is a professional in the cannabis industry who has been touched personally by the plant. She has used it as part of a healthy pain management routine since 2010, and since that day has worked hard to educate the world about the positive physical, mental and societal effects of legalized cannabis.




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