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A Cannasseur’s Storage | Ep. 08


Cannabis Humidors are Becoming Popular as Market Matures (ft. Cannador)

Though it’s quickly becoming a household name in cannabis, Boveda got its start inside of cigar humidors.

Now that cannabis is going mainstream, it requires similar humidity control solutions used by cigar lovers. There is a huge movement behind responsible storage of flower, as well as preserving the quality of flower.

Cannador is really the first company to create humidity-controlled storage for cannabis. Hear from Cannador founder Zane Witzel about the ins and outs of these “humidors for cannabis”.

Listen and learn about:

  • How changing perceptions primed the market for Cannador
  • What inspired his design
  • What Zane learned by traveling the U.S. to document the culture
  • What’s the best Boveda for a medium stash that you want to stay good and sticky 

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Cannador was created to help consumers store their buds and keep them fresh. However, the concept has grown into something much more culturally significant.

There were very few cannabis-specific storage options in June 2014 when Cannador was founded. Those that did exist were not widely available. To have true value, Zane Witzel, Cannador’s Founder and CEO, knew that his cannabis storage solution would have to vibe with the everyday, working-class consumer.

The Cannador is a simple yet beautiful, solid wood storage box inspired by the traditional cigar humidor. The company is seeing explosive growth both in the U.S. and Canada, where they are about to launch a partnership with Tweed.

Why Cannador is so popular with today’s cannabis enthusiast:

  • Simple enough to be used daily
  • Stylish enough to be displayed in the home
  • Discreet enough to protect your stash
  • Functional enough to replace all your other cannabis storage

Cannador in Use

That being said, the Cannador is not just something you use to hide away your stash. It’s a statement piece that proves you’re proud of your lifestyle—and ups the quality of your product at the same time.


The normalization of cannabis definitely plays into the success of a brand like Cannador. Changing policies and world views have made enthusiasts more comfortable sharing their interest with others.

Just like with cigars, wine or any high-end consumer product, people enjoy displaying their favorite items in their home. Even if brought out a few minutes before cannabis is consumed, the ritual elevates the experience for the people involved and gives the host a sense of pride that they are bringing something quality to the table.

At first it was a challenge to convince the typical cannabis consumer why they should upgrade to a Cannador. The strongest selling points—fresher, smoother and more flavorful buds.

“It was a bit of a slow start, but once people understood that if you provide an optimal relative humidity level—not too high and not too low—there is a sweet spot,” Zane said. “Once people understood that and tried it for themselves, I started getting repeat customers.”

The word spread as more and more Cannador owners showed off their boxes to their friends. Now the company has a growing fan base of devoted customers whose lives have been elevated by the product.


Zane educates consumers on how to take care of their flower to keep it from drying out and losing its therapeutic value. As the company of Cannador evolves, Zane is involved in cannabis research. In an upcoming study, he is looking at the direct relationship between the oxygen level in the storage vessel and the retention of terpenes within the plant.

His goal is to find the optimum oxygen level for cannabis storage and tailor the Cannador to meet it. This is in perfect alignment with Boveda’s goals to seek out the best methods for humidity control.


Zane realized that in spite of the legalization movement, not everybody was 100% ready to open up about how they store their cannabis. In order break through the green wall, he set out on a journey across the U.S. to document the industry and overall culture.

Inspired by Raw Craft, a series produced by The Balvenie Distillery and hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain, Zane went behind the scenes with the real faces of recreational cannabis: cultivators, scientists, retailers and others.

He wanted to showcase their businesses, their personal slice of the cannabis world and share this knowledge among flower consumers. Cannador converts can see how much this industry is expanding. And understand why making cannabis more visible encourages others to explore this herb’s therapeutic benefits. When more people understand the power of flower, it will become more accessible to everyone.

Check out Cannador’s mini-series, Growing Wild on the Cannador YouTube channel. In the first episode, Zane visits legal cannabis operators in Portland, Oregon.

To learn more about Cannador and their amazing products, visit



GOT A QUESTION FOR DREW AND SCOTT? | Use #AskBoveda on social media

#ASKBOVEDA QUESTION:  A cannabis enthusiast that’s new to Boveda is buying some high quality sticky buds from 710 Labs. Which Boveda will keep ½ to an ounce of flower nice and sticky? (21:30)



Boveda in Cvault for Cannabis

The Boveda 8 gram will humidify up to one ounce of cannabis. For 2-way humidity control for cannabis, you have a choice between Boveda 58% RH or Boveda 62% RH.

To achieve and maintain really sticky bud, choose Boveda 62% RH level. Cannabis stored with Boveda 58% RH level will be slightly drier. The Boveda 58% RH level is perfect for joints and pre-rolls because at a lower humidity level, flower burns a little bit better and stays lit.

ASTM International Standards adopted in 2018 recommend that all cannabis (that will be consumed as flower) be kept at a water activity between 0.55-0.65. You can achieve this by storing flower in an airtight container at an RH level between 55% and 65%. Both Boveda 58% RH and Boveda 62% RH fall within this range. Boveda 2-way humidity control is the most precise way to maintain a consistent moisture level for your flower.


Roni Stetter– Roni Stetter

Roni Stetter is a professional in the cannabis industry who has been touched personally by the plant. She has used it as part of a healthy pain management routine since 2010, and since that day has worked hard to educate the world about the positive physical, mental and societal effects of legalized cannabis.

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