For Arturo Fuente president Carlito Fuente, reaching the pinnacle of ultra-premium cigars wasn’t enough. But how to improve on a 100 year old legendary cigar brand?

Carlito Fuente envisioned a world where we can enjoy his in the exact condition he enjoys them at Chateau de la Fuente in the Domican Republic. The only problem was that once his cigars left the Chateau, he was not in control of storage conditions.

Carlito had explored dozens of humidity “control” devices. However, none of them were able to address his biggest concern – removal of excess moisture. Enter Boveda and the realization of Carlito’s dream.

In 2001, Arturo Fuente began to include Boveda in every box of their acclaimed cigars.

After two years of prolonged testing in every environment cigars can encounter during distribution, Boveda performed flawlessly. As the only 2-way humidity control device to add or remove 100% pure water vapor to maintain a specific relative humidity (Rh), their cigars are no longer at the mercy of common supply chain challenges. Customs delays, unpredictable climate, delayed trucks, changing seasons or a tobacconist’s cluttered storage room can damage cigars.

In the competitive world of premium cigars, Carlito recognized that cigar smokers were more likely to keep reaching for Arturo Fuente over the competition. They understood Fuente’s commitment to ensuring that every cigar is precisely maintained within the ideal freshness window throughout distribution.

And cigar smokers have responded. Arturo Fuente has strengthened their enviable position as the #1 cigar brand in the world.

So each time you open a box of Arturo Fuente, you’re not only opening a piece of history, you’re opening Carlito’s dream for you to enjoy his cigars right alongside him at Chateau de la Fuente.