How do you become the #1 supplier of premium cigars to golf courses without maintaining a single humidor? With Boveda.

Bill Porter, President of CertiFresh Cigar, wanted to become the premier supplier of premium cigars to golf courses, but steady growth was elusive because it was impractical and expensive for a pro shop to find the space and time to properly maintain a humidor. So how to serve a golfer’s impulse for a premium cigar without an electronically controlled humidor at every course? That’s when Bill found the global leader in 2-way humidity control.

With the 69% 8gram Boveda in each of his pre-packaged cigars, Bill was able to solve every single challenge he faced: Boveda’s technology would add or remove humidity as necessary whether his cigars were being sold in Miami or Phoenix, they were completely portable and could be merchandised in a pro shop, bar or beverage cart. And best of all, the cigars have a 1 year shelf life. Think about that. A pro shop could lose a cigar for a year and it would still be perfect.

More than just being an integral part of his business, Bill says, “Boveda’s 2-way humidity control was not only the answer to our problems, it quickly became the foundation of our cigar program. Boveda inside CertiFresh Cigar packaging makes is simple for course operators to manage a category which was once difficult and cumbersome.”