Sometimes brands are built on the palate of pets.

For over 30 years, Food Science Corporation has provided the highest quality formulations in the Nutritional Supplement Industry for both human and animal needs. Continuing with their tradition of meeting rigorous worldwide standards, they wanted their pet treats to stay softer for longer.

Before Boveda, they’d tried a number of different methods to maintain freshness over an extended period. However, none of them could overcome the reality that opening a bag of treats each day to reward good pet behavior leaves the remaining treats to dry out a little bit more. And since the average home Rh(relative humidity) is moisture-robbing 30%, they identified a significant area for improvement.

Through the help of our lab, we determined that a small Boveda 59% inside each bag of treats would give them a longer shelf life. This meant more flexibility in production and distribution. Also, pets could enjoy the same fantastic experience from the first reward to their latest.

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Interested in exploring how Boveda can help you guarantee a consistent customer experience? Chances are we already manufacture Boveda in an Rh (relative humidity) level that will suit your needs. If not, we’ll make it. Additionally, if you need help determining your needs, our sophisticated R&D department will determine the right Boveda Rh for you.