Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars has been on a quest to educate an entire industry on the importance of proper guitar humidification.

Having tested “hundreds and hundreds” of humidification devices, the perfect solution was elusive. Until Boveda.

Bob Taylor recognized that proper humidification is the most important thing you can do to make your investment last, but players found it impossible to duplicate the same strictly controlled environment where Taylor Guitars are hand crafted. Bob reminds us that when the humidity of your guitar changes from the level it was manufactured, all sorts of things go wrong – it doesn’t play as well as it should, it doesn’t feel as good and it loses the specific geometry designed into the instrument for optimum performance.

Boveda is proud to be the only 2-way moisture control device recommended by Bob Taylor. Why? Because Boveda will add or remove moisture to maintain the 45-55% environment your guitar craves.

So whether you’re a professional or a beginner, Taylor Guitars wants you to know that the same care and craftsmanship that’s gone into your guitar has also gone into researching the only humidification device charged with protecting it.

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