Boveda Home Grow Kit

Before you're flush with all that green, get ready to cure like a pro. We've gathered the tools of the trade together for you. This complete kit takes all the guesswork out of curing and storing herb. Now that you've invested in home grow, continue with the right equipment to maximize your yield.

The secret to fuller, more potent buds is all in the cure. Preserving that potency is all in the Boveda.

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What's inside?
All you need to cure & store like a pro.
67 g 4-PACK

(58 or 62 RH)
2 Liter CVAULT®

(holds 3 to 4 ounces)
4 g 10-PACK

(58 or 62 RH)

(holds about 1/2 ounces)

AIRTIGHT CVAULT CONTAINERS: Protect your medicine from UV light and humidity swings. And unlike jars, these stainless steel are shatterproof.

BOVEDA'S 2-WAY HUMIDITY CONTROL: Boveda uses natural salts and pure water vapor to slowly revive your medicine. Long term, you'll retain 15% more terpenes when you store your medicine in a CVault with Boveda.