Home Grow #3: Clones Come Home

Home Grow chronicles Dianna’s personal journey as a medical cannabis patient who registered and was approved by the Canadian government to grow cannabis in her home. Dianna’s experience is one grower’s point of view. Her ideas are neither the best or only proven methods for growing medicinal grade cannabis.

Boveda blogger Dianna Donnelly is ready for transplant. Her little cannabis clones traveled across Canada to get home to their closet grow room. How do cultivators ship live cannabis plants during the winter?  A cannabis enthusiast (Of course!) developed a keen green solution. Now medicinal cannabis home growers like Dianna aren’t limited to starting from seed.

Transporting live plants is not new. (How else would we get our Venus Flytraps?) But transporting live cannabis plants, that was new to me. When I found out growers could ship live cannabis clones without depriving them of light from one province to the other—now that tickled my tree-hugging soul!

The challenge lies in keeping the clones illuminated. Without light, the plants will basically starve. Photosynthesis feeds the plant and light feeds photosynthesis. Depending on the species, some plants like cannabis won’t do well on a lumen time-out, even for a few hours.

Enter the Clone Shipper, a brilliant little shipping container used for anything from orchids to peaches and now legal cannabis.

The Clone Shipper’s origin story is inspiring and rooted in the cannabis industry. Not surprising as cannabinoids fire receptors in the brain that inspire creation and imagination. It’s no wonder so many potheads are productive and creative. Now we can use our craftiness to benefit the plant we love.

Larry Fenner with Clone Shipper

Larry Fenner and his Clone Shipper (Photo Credit: Julie Weed)

Inventor Larry Fenner’s natural inclination is to improve what isn’t working well. In 2014, Larry started out with two Dixie® cups, a light and good ol’ duct tape with a spill-proof soil hydration trick. He started selling these handmade pieces online and before long was approached by an investor.

Today, the Clone Shipper’s sales are growing as fast as a cannabis plant. In fact, 60% of the business is thanks to the cannabis industry. That number will no doubt increase as cultivators sell clones to the ever-growing home grow market.

Clone Shippers are manufactured in the U.S. Larry and his crew are another example of the cannabis industry growing jobs.

Thanks to the Clone Shippers, my herbal little ones safely made their way from my producer of choice, THC BioMed. They traveled more than 2,700 miles to come home.

Let the experimentation begin!


  1. Jumped for joy. I was forewarned by THC BioMed that delivery could take anywhere from a few days to three weeks. My babes arrived within about a week!
  2. Made sure the box was positioned upright before I opened it. (THIS SIDE UP!)
  3. Checked the box for damage. (THC BioMed suggested taking photos or a video if my box arrived damaged. It didn’t.)
  4. Carefully removed my plants to inspect them for any physical damage. (Again, it’s smart to document the arrival condition of cannabis plants.)


THC BioMed and many other LPs typically give a 24- to 48-hour guarantee for your clones. Read more about clone guarantees in Home Grow: Part 2.

Dianna Donnelly– Dianna Donnelly

Dianna Donnelly is a cannabis educator, blogger, and freelance writer living in Kingston, Ontario. She counsels new patients on the safe and effective use of medicinal cannabis and believes that with enough time, cannabis, and coconut oil she can heal the world.

Dianna Donnelly’s posts are being provided for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by Boveda of any of the products, services or opinions of Dianna Donnelly. Boveda bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality or content of this post or links to the posts. Contact Dianna Donnelly for answers to questions regarding her content.

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