Medicinal Cannabis for Kids?

Some of the most compelling medicinal cannabis success stories involve children.

Deepen your knowledge of:

  • Cannabinoids role in treating autism
  • Cannabinoid-infused products developed to ease symptoms of childhood cancer and its treatments

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CannaKids is a California-based brand and non-profit that develops cannabinoid-infused products for patients of all ages. The brand was inspired by Sophie Ryan, a pediatric cancer patient who developed a life-threatening brain tumor at just  eight and half months old. Sophie’s parents augmented her chemotherapy with cannabinoids. Adding cannabinoids to the traditional cancer treatment proved successful. Learn more about Sophie’s high-concentrated THC and CBD cannabis oil treatment.



Brandie M. Cross, Ph.D.Researchers are examining therapeutic benefits of specific cannabinoids, the active compounds found in the plant. Recent research found that THCA,  a non-psychoactive, acidic precursor of THC found in fresh and dried cannabis trichomes, may be useful to treat people with autism.

“Overall, our data show, for the first time, that single milligram dosing of THCA is effective for autism and epilepsy conditions, as well as cerebral palsy and their comorbid conditions that plague these clients,” according to Brandie M. Cross, Ph.D. in a conference paper for Autism One, Colorado Springs, CO, May 2017.

An Israeli study found that participants with severe autism who used CBD oil had less repetitive and self-injurious behaviors than those who did not. CBD is an additional non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is increasing in popularity for its health benefits. Autism is a qualifying condition in several of the states that have legalized medicinal cannabis. Proponents argue CBD should be available alongside conventional therapies.


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