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Melissa Rolston and Boveda

Meet Melissa Rolston

You just never know who you might run into at a trade show. Lucky for Boveda, our own Drew Emmer weeded through the cannabis crowd to chat with Melissa Rolston at the 2017 Lift Cannabis Expo in Toronto, Ontario. Turns out Melissa Rolston loves Boveda, the two-way humidity control that keeps cannabis fresh.

Drew and Melissa got to talking and here we are. Now Melissa hosts a weekly show for Boveda to shed light on cannabis country. She’ll cover topics such as:

  • Marijuana prohibition
  • Cannabis stigmas
  • Medical cannabis breakthroughs
  • Patient growing versus commercial growing

In August, Melissa was featured in the Forbes article Cultivating Women Leaders In A Growing Field: A Conversation With A Cannabis Social Entrepreneur by Shavon Lindley.

This rising star in the cannabis world was a photographer before she came into the medicinal marijuana field. Melissa took the role as an executive assistant for a licensed medicinal cannabis producer and never looked back. She’s worked dispensaries, one-on-one with patients and as a liaison between physicians and patients.

Melissa Rolston

Melissa also co-runs Women Grow, which holds networking events for cannabis industry professionals in Toronto. And she started her own company, TeamMD, a virtual, full-spectrum medical education company with her mother Sandy Rolston, who is also a nurse.

The duo hopes to redefine the patient care experience through education, compassion and lifestyle choices.

“While dealing with chronic pain or any degenerative disease it’s difficult for patients to feel empowered. We work with patients in order to turn those ‘I cant’s’ to ‘I can,’” a recent TeamMD post said.


CVault and Boveda

Boveda keeps cannabis healthy

Holistic therapies and medicinal marijuana may be part of that health journey. To complement a patient’s well-being, Boveda helps cannabis retain its therapeutic properties and terpenes. Boveda slips right into a cannabis storage container. While inside, Boveda uses natural salts and purified water to absorb or add moisture to lock a precise humidity level that keeps marijuana fresh.


Boveda Debuts The Cannabis Report with Melissa Rolston

The cannabis industry is sometimes a bit hazy and hard to maneuver. Laws change. Medical approvals evolve. Restrictions are lifted (or slammed down). Get your news on the flower every week from Melissa Rolston on The Cannabis Report sponsored by Boveda. Halfway into this debut episode, Boveda’s Drew Emmer makes a special guest appearance.

Watch as Melissa Rolston tackles the burning issue, “How do you say, ‘I bought my weed’ without justifying your cannabis purchase?” (But it was legal. At a dispensary. And I was in Colorado. Sound familiar?)

Catch every episode of The Cannabis Report by subscribing to the Boveda Cannabis YouTube Channel. You can also watch live every Monday at 4:20 pm EST on The Todd Shapiro Show (SiriusXM Channel 168). The Cannabis Report is sponsored by Boveda.


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