Moon Made Farms – A Sustainable, Regenerative Cannabis Farm With An Interstellar Twist

In California’s Emerald Triangle, cannabis cultivation is a way of life. This region has been revered by growers for generations. It’s a place where the stars align to provide the perfect environment for the plant to thrive. Local cultivators pride themselves on their quality strains, rich in aromatic terpenes. Many farmers have followed in their family’s footsteps, working the land much like their parents or grandparents before them.

Others realized their destinies in more roundabout ways.

“My unique purpose, so it’s been revealed to me, is to grow cannabis,” says Tina Gordon, Founder of Moon Made Farms. Learn more about Tina and Moon Made farms in this interview with Boveda’s Ryan Harner.

Tina Gordon, Moon Made Farms

A Life Changing Decision

Tina found herself in the Emerald Triangle after spending the majority of her career working in creative fields. She spent time as a professional musician and producer, events planner, and documentary filmmaker. When a friend and former mentor expressed a desire to sell their 40-acre property in Northern California, Tina decided to take a leap of faith. Seeking an oasis far away from the grind of city life, the opportunity was a serendipitous moment. That leap would change the trajectory of Tina’s life forever.

Ryan and team journeyed to Tina’s vibrant estate in southern Humboldt County. Here learned more about her passion for the plant, her relationship with Boveda, and the principles that drive her methodologies.

Moon Made Farms centers around sustainable, regenerative agriculture with a holistic mentality and interstellar twist. Tina and team put their heart and soul into the growing cycle. When they combine all the right elements, their efforts have fully manifested come harvest season.

“This is a highly intelligent and extremely sensitive plant—it’s a reflection of its environment,” Tina explained. “That includes the soil that includes the sun that includes the water, all of the inputs, and most importantly, the person or the people who are cultivating the plants.”

Sun-Grown, Moon Made

Moon Made Farms harnesses the power of the sun to drive the life cycle of the plants dotting the hills. The divine feminine energy being summoned here is in harmony with the stars—a fact never lost on Tina or her team.

“With lunar farming, you start to tune in to what happens to the plants during the waning moon cycle versus the waxing moon cycle,” she said in the video. “The waning moon cycle is like the earth is inhaling, and the waxing moon cycle is exhaling. There’s a lot of growth happening at night though nobody’s seeing it.”

Tina, Moon Made Farms

Tina also noted that she desires, above all else, to encapsulate the farm in her end product, offering a bit of home to every customer.

“What I want more than anything else, is for the consumer to open up a container and smell the terpenes that reflect that plant, and to bring them back to the farm.

Taste the Essence

“When somebody smokes Moon Made flower, I want to transport them to the oak grove, where we are, in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. I want them to taste the water we use, to taste the earth — I want them to taste the essence of this place.”

That “essence” lies in the terpenes. To make sure every consumer experiences everything Mood Made flower has to offer, Tina packages her cannabis with Boveda, the only 2-way humidity pack designed to keep terpenes protected.

The “sun-grown, moon made” adage is the farm’s true ethos, a tradition Tina longs to continue for years to come. She has embraced her homestead in ways she could have never imagined. Despite the challenges facing her community, Tina hopes that by sharing her story, she can keep the spirit of Humboldt alive.

“All the small farmers in the Emerald Triangle have been working for this for generations. I want to honor this culture that I feel so privileged to be a part of, to be able to carry on the work that was started long before me.”


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