3 Post-Cure Risks You Can Control

Being in the cannabis business, there are many problems you often can’t control. Foul weather, wild fires, destructive insects, powdery mildew, regulatory changes. The list goes on and on. But the #1 post-cure risk cultivators can easily stop is terpene loss.

#1. Post-Cure Risk: Terpene Evaporation

Terpene loss is an insidious post-cure risk cultivators can totally control. Without protection, the terpenes responsible for flower’s aroma, flavor and effects, will continuously evaporate. This terpene loss occurs immediately—even in airtight containers or packaging. And once terpenes are gone, they are gone forever. (No amount of re-humidifying can bring back your lost terpenes.)

No terpene shield? In just one week, 40% of your terps will evaporate and with them aroma, flavor and effects.

Protect All Cannabis and Hemp with a Terpene Shield

It’s all about shielding your trichomes, which house terpenes and other cannabinoids. To stop terpene evaporation in stored and packaged cannabis, integrate a terpene shield. Using Boveda, the original terpene shield, gives you a greater level of terpene protection than any other 2-way humidity product.

Only Boveda’s saltwater solution creates a monolayer of purified water that coats the trichome, shielding all the good stuff within. That cannabis smell stays inside the trichomes until consumers are ready to release it when they grind your flower. You saved terpenes, not wasted the aroma to make your bag, jar or bin smell good.

Only Boveda protects terpenes with a monolayer shield of water and then maintains a precise relative humidity (RH) level that’s ideal for cannabis storage and packaging.

Trichome with and without the protection of Boveda. Boveda creates a monolayer of water molecules that shields trichomes and prevents terpenes and water weight from evaporating.

#2. Post-Cure Risk: Dry Flower

As terpenes go, so go the healthy appearance of your flower. Preventing terpene evaporation also comes with a BIG SIDE BENEFIT. You can keep your cannabis from overdrying, which leads to inferior flower. Damaged trichomes. Lifeless bud. Dulled aroma. Zero spring.

Now that consumers have more choices, those shoppers demand better quality cannabis and hemp. And boy, do they notice the ill-effects of unprotected flower. Don’t risk it. Protect your cannabis with the original terpene shield, can give customers what they demand. Lively, terpene-rich flower.

#3. Post-Cure Risk: Mold Growth

There’s a ANOTHER BIG SIDE BENEFIT of the original terpene shield in with your flower. While you’re preventing terpene evaporation, you’re also preventing mold growth. Because Boveda uses a saltwater solution, it can maintain a precise RH level that’s ideal for cannabis, but is inhospitable for mold. Boveda 2-way humidity control adds just enough moisture to help cannabis retain its terpenes while absorbing excess moisture to prevent mold. Both Boveda’s 62% and 58% RH for cannabis maintains an RH level well below the level where mold develops and thrives. so great for mold.)

Mold-ridden cannabis is valueless in the marketplace and must be destroyed. Pathogens such as Aspergillus can be extremely dangerous to consumers, especially those with compromised immune systems. Mold growth means immediate lost revenue for cultivators.

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Avoid Post-Cure Risks: Terpene Loss, Dry Flower and Mold Growth

Dry, crumbly unprotected cannabis and moldy cannabis. Dry verse moldy cannabis flower.

When you stop terpene evaporation, you also prevent two other post-cure risks. Left: Overdry cannabis means terpenes are gone, too. Right: Cannabis that’s exposed too much moisture a breeding ground for mold and other nasties.

Slip Boveda Directly in with Flower to Avoid Post-Cure Risks

Boveda protecting cannabis

Place Boveda among your buds in bins. Lay Boveda on top of or at bottom of cannabis in jars. And integrate Boveda into cannabis retail and wholesale packaging. Boveda can 100% come in direct contact with cannabis and hemp. Boveda is FDA compliant and food safe.

Rest assured, the saltwater solution in Boveda is hard at work sealed inside its 2-way vapor phase osmosis membrane. The salt stays safely inside the Boveda leakproof membrane. So the salt in Boveda NEVER comes in contact with your cannabis.

Only water vapor passes in and out of the membrane to safely and precisely shield trichomes in protective water molecules. ADDING AND ABSORBING MOISTURE is what makes Boveda 2-way humidity control. And it’s how Boveda can prevent post-cure risks of terpene evaporation, dry weed and mold growth.

Boveda, the original terpene shield™.

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