Boveda uses salt; is that corrosive to my cannabis/hemp?

No, salt is one of the most natural ingredients used to create precise relative humidity (RH) levels. And rest assured the saltwater solution in Boveda is hard at work sealed inside the 2-way vapor phase osmosis membrane. The salt stays safely inside the Boveda leakproof membrane. So the salt in Boveda NEVER comes in contact with your cannabis.

Only water vapor passes in and out of the membrane to safely and precisely shield trichomes in protective water molecules. ADDING AND ABSORBING MOISTURE is what makes Boveda 2-way humidity control. And it’s how Boveda can prevent terpene evaporation.

By the way, it’s the excess salt in the solution that allows Boveda to maintain a consistent RH level in stored cannabis. As water vapor is released from or absorbed into the membrane, the water to salt ratio changes. The salt dissolves when more water is absorbed. The salt precipitates or becomes a solid again when more water is released.

Using nature’s original preserver, salt, Boveda dials-in and maintains your container’s humidity levels to 58% or 62%, much like a thermostat.