Can I remove the Size 320 from its cardboard box for my humidor?

Yes, if the Boveda Size 320 doesn’t fit in your humidor, you can remove the pack from its outer cardboard box. Because the outer box provides protection and stability, please make sure the unboxed packet doesn’t get pinched or crimped when you close the humidor’s lid. (DO NOT cut or open the blue inner packet.)

Better yet, use a Boveda Mounting Plate to free up some space in your humidor. The cardboard box affixes to the plate to elevate the Size 320 to the lid. You can pack in a few more cigars, plus get to them faster—no more moving Boveda to get to your smokes.

Make Room in Your Humidor With a Boveda Mounting Plate

Boveda Size 320 attached to a Boveda Mounting Plate in a Wood Humidor

The Boveda Mounting Plate attaches to a humidor’s lid to securely hold a Boveda 320 in place as you open and close your humidor. Includes a stick-on mounting magnet. Learn more here.