Can I use Boveda in a gig bag?

Yes! In a gig bag, use four Boveda Standard 49% RH packs in their fabric holders. Consider getting an additional Large Starter Kit to use exclusively in your gig bag. (That way you don’t have to transfer Boveda from your hard instrument case to your gig bag along with your instrument.)

Replace Boveda in your gig bag every three months. To make life even easier, subscribe to automatically receive refills for a Boveda Large Starter Kit. Just set up your subscription for a 4-pack of Boveda Standard 49% RH for your instrument here.

As its name suggests, a gig bag is great if you’re carrying your instrument across town for a performance or rehearsal. The lightweight bag offers little instrument protection if you drop it or if it’s banged about, however, with Boveda in a gig bag, your instrument will be protected against humidity fluctuations, which can cause fret buzz, raised action, sharp fret edges, cracking, and more.