Can I use Boveda with other humidification devices in my cigar humidor?

No. Boveda works best alone. If you were to use a wet sponge, crystals, gels or beads along with Boveda, the Boveda would switch its focus from protecting your cigars to absorbing the high humidity of those unnecessary humidification devices. This would result in great sponges, but ruined cigars.

Now that you’re using Boveda in your humidor, you can toss away those other devices. They were merely humidifying your humidor, not providing precise 2-way humidity control. Remember, Boveda ADDS AND ABSORBS water vapor—whatever’s needed in your humidor. And when you use Boveda, you don’t have to add anything. Just slip it in your humidor and Boveda gets to work.

That time you devoted to rewetting sponges, can now be allocated to smoking another cigar!