For best results, where should I position the Directional Humidity Control Kit on my instrument?

After you load the Boveda pack into the directional holder, lift the Boveda strap to reveal the hook and loop material. Slide the holder under the strings and position it over the sound hole of your acoustic guitar. For other stringed instruments, such as a ukulele, mandolin or electric guitar or bass, you can position the holder along the bridge, headstock or neck joint to target problem areas.

Slip Boveda Directional Humidity Control holder under strings

Now secure the Boveda strap over the strings.

Secure strap of the Boveda Directional Humidity Control holder over strings

Use Boveda’s Directional Humidity Kit whether you store your instrument in or out of its case to protect against humidity-related damage, including cracking and warping. When you return your piece to its case, keep the directional holder on your instrument. You can use the Directional Humidity Control Kit along with the Boveda Starter Kit that’s in your instrument case. Don’t worry about using both kits at once, Boveda can never over-humidify your instrument case.

Position Boveda Directional Humidity Control over a guitar's sound hole