How is the Directional Humidity Control Kit different from the standard Boveda Starter Kits for instruments?

Use the Boveda Directional Humidity Control Kit on your wood instrument when it’s out of the case, like when you display it in a stand or rack at home, in the studio or on stage. The specially designed fabric holder has a leatherette top shield on one side that drives humidity control straight into the instrument. The standard fabric holders that come with the Boveda Starter Kits do not have the top shield.

Use the Boveda Small and Large Starter Kits for storing a wood instrument in a hard case or gig bag. BONUS: When you store your instrument in its case with the starter kit fabric holders, you can leave the directional holder on your instrument. You can never overhumidity your instrument with Boveda, using more in your case extends the life of the 2-way humidity control packs.

All of the Boveda Starter Kits for musical instruments:

  • Conveniently come with your first standard Boveda 49% RH
  • Automatically maintain the ideal humidity level for your instrument by adding or removing moisture as conditions require
  • Easily refill with either Boveda 49% RH or Boveda High-Absorbency 49% RH packs if you live or play in an extremely humidity climate