How is a Boveda Humidor Bag different from a food bag for storing cigars?

This is no ordinary plastic bag. The Boveda Humidor Bag is actually an airtight humidor exclusively engineered for cigars. A food storage bag is not. Keep reading to see why that matters.

To preserve the quality and flavor of cigars, you must control the moisture in their environment. The easiest way to maintain an ideal relative humidity (RH) for cigars is to use  Boveda in an airtight humidor, tupperdor, coolerdor or humidor bag. 

A food bag isn’t airtight. In just a few days, the air inside the bag will exchange itself with new air. This makes Boveda work harder. (It’s like trying to fill up a bucket that has a hole in the bottom.) You’ll replace Boveda more often, which will cost you more money , time and effort. Initially, you’ll spend less money on a food bag, but it will cost you more in the long run. What a waste, considering that food bag isn’t even properly protecting your cigars anyway!

Moisture leaks out. Moisture and dry get in. Remember, fluctuating RH levels affect how cigars smoke, burn and taste. 

In a pinch, you can use a zip-to-close plastic bag for temporary cigar storage. (It’s better than letting cigars roll around unprotected in your backseat or in your golf bag.) But even if you add Boveda to a food storage bag, it’s not ideal for long-term cigar storage. In a food bag, Boveda will need to be replaced more frequently. Since Boveda has to work harder, you’ll replace packs more often. 


Use a Boveda Humidor Bag instead of a Ziploc bag for cigar storage