When I open my cannabis container it doesn’t smell as strongly. What happened to the smell?

When your cannabis is stored with Boveda, the terpenes are protected with a monolayer shield of purified water, the aroma you love is kept safe until grinding. Once the cannabis is ground, it releases the aroma with great potency.

Or in more detail, the aroma of your cannabis comes from the terpenes, or essential oils of your flower. So when you get a nice “nose hit” from your cannabis, you are actually smelling the terpenes evaporating off of your flower. So although in the past people have judged the quality of cannabis by the smell, strong aromas emanating from your cannabis is actually a sign of terpene degradation. Rather than these precious terpenes evaporating into the air, Boveda shields these terpenes inside of the trichomes where they belong, until the moment of consumption.


Boveda is the original terpene shield that creates a monolayer of water molecules around trichomes to prevent terpenes from evaporating in cannabis storage and packaging.
Terpene shields create a monolayer of water molecules around trichomes.