When do I replace my Boveda?

Pick up your Boveda and press it. If you feel only a few soft spots, it’s time to replace your Boveda to ensure proper humidity control for your cigars. Don’t wait until Boveda is completely rigid. Hardening of the corners, however, is normal.

Depending on your humidor and its surrounding environment, you can expect Boveda to last 2-4 months in a wooden humidor and 6-9 months in an airtight humidor or Boveda Humidor Bag.

If your Boveda lasts less than 2 months, you know it’s working extra hard to keep your humidor’s environment stable. Try: Re-seasoning, if you have a wooden humidor. Adding more Boveda to your humidor next time you replace your packs. Troubleshooting your humidor, if it’s not airtight, moisture is escaping.