When do I replace my Boveda?

Depending on your humidor and its surrounding environment, you can expect Boveda to last from 2 to 4 months in a wooden humidor, from 6 to 9 months in an airtight humidor and one year in a Boveda Humidor Bag.

TIP: Write the date on new Boveda to remind you when it’s time to switch it out. Or do the touch test to determine when it’s time to replace your Boveda:


Boveda is still working if you feel:

  • Hardening at its corners
  • Soft spots among some hard areas

Boveda is expired if it feels:

  • Rock solid all the way through (Make sure your cigars are always protected, don’t wait until Boveda is completely rigid before ordering replacements.)



Boveda can feel cold and rock hard:

  • Let it warm up to room temperature and repeat the touch test.
  • If your Boveda is now pliable and it feels like thick jelly or dense clay, Boveda is still working—the temperature change won’t impact the performance, effectiveness or shelf life of the 2-way humidity control.


If Boveda lasts less than 2 months in your humidor, you know it’s working extra hard to keep your humidor’s environment stable. Try:

  • Re-seasoning, if you have a wooden humidor
  • Adding more Boveda to your humidor next time you replace your packs
  • Troubleshooting your humidor, if it’s not airtight, moisture is escaping


TIP: To avoid running out of Boveda, subscribe to the Subscription program to have replacements automatically delivered to you. Next time you place a Boveda order, select your product, then choose subscribe as the frequency. You can even tell us how often you want to receive your Boveda. Learn more about Boveda’s Subscription program here.