Where should I store cigars while seasoning my humidor with Boveda?

Before you condition a wood humidor with Boveda 84% RH for Seasoning, you must remove your cigars. So that begs the question: What do you do with your cigar collection for 14 days?!

You still need to maintain premium cigars at a precise RH, after all, or they can dry out. Here are three ideas.

  1. Re-home your cigars into an airtight:
    Boveda Humidor Bag, which comes preloaded with Boveda 69% RH
    – Closed tupperdor with Boveda 69% RH
  2. Store your cigars temporarily in a nearly airtight:
    – Kitchen-variety zip-to-close plastic bag with Boveda 69% RH
  3. Smoke all those cigars before you get started:
    – Invite us over, we can help you! Good luck with seasoning.


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