Why do I need to season a wood cigar humidor?

The wood in a cigar humidor contains bound water and free waterBound water is deep in the wood’s cell walls. It is what it is—you can’t affect bound water.

It’s the free water you can control. Free water is the moisture inside of your humidor. Think of seasoning with Boveda as “ultra-filling” the free water.”  The Boveda maintenance packs that you’ll add after seasoning keep that tank “full”.

Without a “full” free water tank, your cigars will provide the moisture. This dries out cigars and they become truly awful to smoke. So let’s avoid that.

By seasoning a wood humidor with Boveda 84% RH, you’ll:

  • Prevent moisture from evaporating from your cigars
  • Help Boveda maintenance packs work more efficiently and last longer
  • Protect your cigar investment


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