Why do I need to use a fabric holder with Boveda?

We recommend that you insert Boveda into a fabric holder BEFORE using the humidity control packs in your instrument case. The specially constructed Boveda Fabric Holders:

  • Make Boveda packs last longer and work more efficiently
  • Let water vapor flow in and out to protect your instrument from humidity fluctuations
  • Act as a protective liquid barrier if a packet is accidentally punctured by a sharp peg, string or fret or crushed in the case

Soft like a polishing cloth, the exterior of the holder won’t scratch your instrument. Boveda Fabric Holders can be filled with Boveda 49% RH Standard packs or High-Absorbency Boveda for wood instruments in high-humidity climates.

Boveda Starter Kits conveniently come complete with fabric holder(s), first pack(s) and replacement pack(s). Or you can order fabric holders and humidity control packs separately, see below.