Why do I use Boveda 84% RH to season a humidor, isn’t that too high for cigars?

Boveda 84% RH is especially for seasoning a wood humidor. And, yes, 84% RH is too high to maintain most humidors. Remember during seasoning, your cigars aren’t in the humidor. (You’ll keeping them safe and sound in a Boveda Humidor Bag or tupperdor with Boveda 69% RH.)

As you season, you’re filling the environment inside the humidor with water vapor. We call that the free water. Boveda scientists found to fully season a 100-count wood humidor, it needs about 100 grams of water. Each Size 60 Boveda 84% RH can release about 35 grams of moisture. We recommend using four seasoning packs for a 100-count humidor and two seasoning packs for a 50-count humidor.

In the end, those Boveda 84% RH will have raised the moisture in your humidor to about 65% RH—without disturbing the integrity and the geometry of the wood.