Why does seasoning a humidor with Boveda take 14 days?

Precision takes time, yes? When you invest in premium cigars, why rush through creating safe storage for them?

Controlled, careful seasoning of a wood humidor takes time. If you season a humidor faster using a higher RH, you’ll risk damaging the wood. Use a lower RH and seasoning will take even longer—up to eight weeks.

Over the years, Boveda scientists have tested many methods to find the safest, most effective way to season a wood humidor. We’ve tried everything from 95% RH all the way down to 32% RH. After trying them all, we determined that 84% RH is just right.

Most of the water vapor is released within the first week. The rest of the time, the cell structure of the wood slowly absorbs the moisture it needs, based on your specific humidor.

What about the wipe-down method for seasoning a humidor?

On YouTube, you might see people using the wipe-down method to season wood humidors. Do not wipe down the inside of your humidor with a wet cloth or sponge. It doesn’t humidify the wood.

At the most, you’ll provide two to three grams of moisture to the veneer of your humidor. (Think of it like staining a piece of wood with water.) You’re also introducing 100% moisture to the surface, which can warp the wood.

When you use Boveda 84% RH Size 60 for seasoning, each one releases 35 grams of moisture into your humidor. We recommend using four Boveda Size 60 to season a 100-count humidor.


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