Why Does Rocky Patel Package with Boveda?

Rocky Patel and his cigars are among the most globally recognized brand in the cigar world. Featured in countless trade publications and business magazines, Rocky Patel has made waves. Not to mention being Cigar Aficionado’s #7 Cigar of 2015. Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is also the new official manufacturer of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) cigar.
You’d think these accomplishments would be enough for Rocky. Not the case.
For over 7 years, Rocky has been packaging his cigars with Boveda. To Rocky, it’s a matter of protecting the time, effort and quality he’s put into producing his high end cigars. For 2016 and beyond, you’re going to find Boveda in even more lines of Rocky’s cigars.

The uncertainties of a global supply chain with the seasonal weather changes puts stress on cigar shipments. Sure, there are points along the way where storage is climate-controlled. But not in the back of a UPS truck in the middle of a Florida summer or a Minnesota winter. Cigars are at the mercy of the climate. But not with Boveda.

Boveda in a cigar box is an insurance policy. It’s for the quality-robbing that comes along with shipments stuck in customs, slow transit and fluctuating climates. Rocky wants you to experience his brand exactly the way he intended. That’s why Rocky only trusts his brand to Boveda.