Standard Storage For Cannabis

Medical marijuana is struggling to gain wider municipal and federal acceptance. While standardized storage instructions may seem irrelevant to loosening laws against medical marijuana, it’s not insignificant. Consider that all other forms of medicine have printed storage instructions and many pills contain a desiccant—which removes all moisture from the pill bottle. Moisture is an enemy of pills, but the right amount is essential for the smell, taste, burn and effects of medical marijuana.

While industry-recognized storage standards won’t magically bring to medical marijuana the same level of acceptance of pills, it’s a crucial step in legitimizing cannabis as a valid treatment. Standard storage conditions will not only give medical cannabis more of the acceptance it needs, but standardizing the proper Rh (relative humidity) has the ancillary benefit of standardizing the moisture content of the medicine. And for something dispensed exclusively by weight, this is important in order to know what you’re getting.

As the global leader in 2-way precision moisture control, Boveda has tested various strains of cannabis to determine that the ideal moisture content where the medicine is in the best possible condition, is 59-63%. So we went into production with a 62% product that will add or remove moisture as necessary to achieve 62% within your storage container. And it lasts for months.

This is important because Boveda within a patient’s storage device means they can store their medicine indefinitely. Time isn’t the enemy of medical marijuana, but too little or too much moisture is. Because our 62% product is available in various sizes, it can be used in many different storage containers.

The path to wider legal acceptance may come in steps. And standardized storage is the easiest and most patient-centered step.

Charles Rutherford