Boveda For Humidor Seasoning

Boveda For Humidor Seasoning

Boveda For Humidor Seasoning

Boveda For Humidor Seasoning


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Easily season a wood humidor in just one-step with Boveda 84% RH. Nothing to measure, fill or spill.

Improperly seasoning with distilled water can shock and permanently damage a wood humidor and its seal. Why risk a cracked, moldy or warped humidor?

Help your humidor achieve the ideal 70% relative humidity (RH) to maintain an ideal environment for premium cigars. If you skip seasoning a new wood humidor you’ll constantly battle low humidity levels that make for dry cigars and lousy smokes.

Just place the Boveda 84% RH in an EMPTY wood humidor, close the lid and leave it alone for 14 days. Boveda automatically gets to work gradually raising the moisture level. And precisely providing moisture directly to the cellular structure of the wood, so it doesn’t rob moisture from premium cigars. Creates a tighter seal for any desktop humidor or cabinet humidor.

Season a new wood humidor with Boveda before you add cigars. And re-season a wood humidor 1-2 times per year. Use one (1) Size 60 Boveda for every 25 TOTAL cigars a humidor can hold. Example: For a 100-cigar capacity humidor, use four (4) Size 60 at once.

Toss Boveda Seasoning away when you're done (Boveda isn't reusable) and replace with desired Boveda RH (65%, 69%, 72% or 75%).

Note: Do not mix different Boveda RH levels within the same humidor. And do not use Boveda in the same humidor with other humidification products because they will fight against each other and reduce the efficiency of Boveda.