Boveda’s Cannabis Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Bud Enthusiasts

Glass jar of cannabis buds, a 62% RH size 8 Boveda, random individual buds and a Christmas ornament.

Just a short decade ago, holiday shopping for a cannabis lover was tough work. Before widespread legalization, or a cannabis gift guide like this one, options were limited. In a typical head shop, you had one rack for Bob Marley-inspired weed paraphernalia, and another for psychedelic, lava-lamp-style accessories. That was mostly it. 

Luckily, the cannabis industry has evolved with the times. Now, the landscape is wide open, diverse, and—who would’ve guessed—sophisticated. You can find elegant set pieces, highly functional accessories, playful stocking stuffers, and a wide variety of other cannabis-related goodies. Best of all, you can order most of it online. 

The Boveda Gift Guide offers a survey of some of the finest cannabis gifts for the bud-lover on your list. 

Trays Under the Tree

Cannabis culture is decidedly more sophisticated than it used to be. And nowhere is that more apparent than in the accessories market—namely, ashtrays and rolling trays. 

You can find crystal, bespoke ceramic, hand-painted glass, and quartz ashtrays from various luxury retailers that serve double duty as a functional item and piece of art. (This Vice article lists some particularly cool options). Similarly, the market is awash in artistic wood, ceramic, concrete, and tin rolling trays.

Boveda: The Perfect Gift for Cannabis Smokers

This year, give the cannabis lover on your list the gift of year-round fresh bud. These Boveda products are what you need to keep your tree ever-green.

Let’s start with the basics. Hopefully, the flower enthusiast in your life already uses Boveda to keep their stash fresh and protected. Presenting them with a pack of their favorite RH is like giving the gift of freshness, month after month. 

Not sure what Boveda cannabis humidity pack RH to get? Both RHs keep weed fresh and protect potency, so it usually comes down to the quality of your stash, and how you prefer to enjoy it. Try the  62% RH to maintain stickiness and revive a dry, stale stash. Live in a humid climate, or looking for buds that grind easily, and have a slow, even burn? The 58% RH could be the perfect match. 

A Bag Santa Would Envy

Boveda’s cannabis storage bags—available in a travel-friendly ½ oz size, and a convenient, reusable 1lb size—make the ideal present for connoisseurs.  Each bag comes pre-loaded with a 62% RH, plus they’re sturdy, with an airtight press seal to keep your cannabis safe from the elements. The two-way moisture control technology the Boveda pack dials in the relative humidity inside a storage container, preserving potency by protecting the terpene-rich trichomes for a fresh, flavorful smoke every time. No more suffering through dry, dusty, and stale-tasting weed.

Ideal Storage for Holiday Tree

You really can’t go wrong with premium storage options. The stainless steel CVault collection features light-proof, shatter-proof, odor-blocking technology. They’re also easy to clean, feature a food-grade silicone seal, and the lid is fitted to hold a Boveda for total protection from the environmental conditions that degrade unprotected cannabis. And they come in so many sizes! For a casual smoker, the Small CVault might be sufficient with its ½ oz capacity, but for a larger stash the 2 Liter CVault—capable of keeping ¼ lb of flower fresh and potent for months—might be the way to go.

Gift bundles are also ideal for, well, gifting. The Everyday Smoker bundles include one 1 oz capacity CVault and a 10-pack of Size 8 Boveda packs that fit perfectly inside the lid. Snag this bundle in both 58% RH and 62% RH

Gifts for Weed Growers

For all the DIYers and growers out there, you have plenty of gift options this holiday season. If your loved one is just getting into the practice, we recommend a turnkey grow kit – something with a tent, grow light, exhaust fan, and 3-gallon grow pots. If they’re a seasoned grower, we recommend choosing an item or two from this list of growing essentials and finding a quality example of it online. (You can’t go wrong with a good grow tent). 

Regardless of their experience level, pair the gift with Boveda’s cannabis grow kit, all the tools a grower needs to cure and store their harvest.  

Cannabis buds and ground cannabis in a grinder on a table top with a present with golden wrapping and bow.

The Gift of Grind

Is the bud enthusiast on your list still working with a cheap, rickety grinder they got as part of a promotional event at their local budtender? It might be time for a hardware upgrade. 

Your options are limited only by your budget. High-tech electric bud busters start at around $100, while quality aluminum grinders run from $30 to upwards of $180. The former is great for people with chronic pain or arthritis issues; the latter should suffice for almost everyone else. In a stark reminder of how normalized cannabis has become, the New York Times’s authoritative Wirecutter product reviewers weighed in on the best cannabis grinders recently—their picks and methodology are worth a read!

Let’s Be Honest: Music, Games and Media

Let’s be honest. If your bud-loving giftee already has a formidable stash and an effective method for storing weed, they might not want anything cannabis-related. 

Instead, get them something they can use while they smoke. We recently saw a beautiful vinyl press of the 1976 synth masterpiece Plantasia, which got us thinking about giving media as a gift. At this point, it might be a tired cliché that stoners like to sink into the couch, but there’s a grain of truth there! They might love nothing more than a limited-run vinyl record, an engaging video game, or a streaming service subscription. 

To really drive the point home, pair your media gift with a small cannabis-related gift like a humidifier pack, storage container, or ashtray. They’ll get the idea! 

Festive Stocking Stuffers

No roundup of the best weed gifts is complete without a bit of kitsch. All in all, it can be really fun to lean into the culture and have some fun with cannabis—particularly around the holidays! Here are a few choice items (each easily found online) that marry the holiday spirit with cannabis:

  • Odor-eliminating candles: Forget burning bundles of nag champa; consider an odor-eliminating candle instead. Many are specifically designed for cannabis users, like the “Cannabis Killer” and “Cannabolish” candles. They’re a fun spin on the classic candle stocking stuffer.

Of course, Boveda packs also make a fantastic stocking stuffer—they’re inexpensive, indispensable, and fit neatly inside a stocking. 

Hopefully, this gift guide helps point you in the direction of the perfect gift for seasoned—or budding—cannabis enthusiasts. Getting your loved one actual cannabis for Christmas (because, hey, ‘tis the season!)? Don’t forget to wrap it in an airtight container with a Boveda humidity pack so it stays fresh and potent, no matter what season it’s consumed. Happy smoking, and happy holidays to those who celebrate!