Boveda Protects Every Slice-A New Cannabis Cigarette From Toast™

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Yet another cannabis industry innovator has entrusted Boveda to keep its products good and fresh. Recently, Toast™ unveiled the first professionally manufactured cannabis cigarette, the Slice™. Inside each Slice pack is a little bonus—Boveda. Boveda’s 2-way humidity control precisely regulates oft fluctuating moisture that can take down even the best cannabis. humidity packs, cannabis humidity packs

Slice gives a marijuana novice peace of mind and a cannabis connoisseur a new, haute way to indulge the hobby.

What’s in a cannabis Slice?

  • High-quality strains
  • Measured potency
  • Expected after-effects

Slice regulates cannabis for the adult user. Each cannabis cigarette contains a proprietary, all-natural, tobacco-free 100% cannabis blend inside a slow-burning hemp paper tube with a specially designed filter. Slice strains are low in THC (euphoria) and high in CBD (active calm). With Slice, smokers know what to expect—a refined, smooth controlled experience.

Boveda® and Toast™


What Sets Toast Apart?

Cannabis is a big business. In 2016 alone, the U.S. saw $6.7 billion of legal cannabis sales, and in 2017, the state of California is expected to reach that number by itself, meaning there is huge and very fast paced growth in this budding industry. And because of that, more and more producers are rushing into the market developing and selling heavily potent, mind-altering marijuana.

Toast had a more refined vision for consumers who want a convenient way to enjoy top-shelf flower. Each cannabis cigarette is filled with a highly curated strain that’s measured and dosed for predictable potency.

Why is There a Boveda Humidity Control Packet in with Your Cannabis Cigarettes?

Cannabis is like any other plant, it dries out the minute it’s harvested. And when herb dries out, it loses potency. Yet 90% of cannabis is unprotected against over drying. To avoid this moisture damage, Slice integrated a cannabis humidity control packet in with its high-end herbal cigarettes.

But not every humidity packet can maintain an ideal relative humidity (RH) level in packaging. According to international cannabis standards, only a cannabis humidity packet that uses a salt-water solution can maintain a precise RH in cannabis. Cannabis packagers use Boveda because it’s the only salt-water based cannabis humidity packet on the market. As needed, Boveda adds and removes moisture in packaged cannabis to make sure it stays fresh while its on the shelf. So all the good stuff inside each Slice stays top shelf and doesn’t dry out.

Where is Toast Available?

Currently Slices are only available in select Colorado dispensaries in packs of 2, 5 and 10. (Tourists reminder: it’s illegal to transport cannabis out of Colorado, even in the form of a Slice.)

For more information about Toast, please visit Must be 21 years of age or older.

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