Tip: When to Replace Boveda Trick

Need a trick to remember when you last put new Boveda in your humidor, cannabis container or instrument case?

On the day you’re adding new Boveda, write that date on the pack—anywhere on the flat part that frames the outer edge of Boveda will do. Oh, and use a felt tip marker instead of a sharpened pencil or hard-tipped pen. Gentle now, you don’t want to accidentally puncture the Boveda.

Write date on the edge of new Boveda with a Sharpie.

Writing the “start” date on Boveda:

  • Makes it easy to determine when it’s time to replace humidity packs—no more using the touch test to see if Boveda is getting hard and crunchy 
  • Elevates having to remember when it’s time to replace Boveda
  • Helps you gauge how long your Boveda typically lasts in your humidor, container or case 

Never run out of Boveda again

Once you determine how often you usually replace Boveda, set up your replacement order as an Subscription.

Boveda Subscription to:

  • Get Boveda automatically sent directly to you when you need replacements
  • Make sure you always have fresh Boveda on hand
  • Never leave your passion unprotected

Find out how to Subscribe to Boveda here.