Why Food Bags Aren’t For Cigars!

Boveda Large, Medium, Small Humidor Bags
Replace your ziplocked bags with Boveda Humidor Bags—designed exclusively for cigar storage. Each humidor bag is preloaded with a Boveda 2-way humidity control.

Wondering how to store cigars without a humidor? You might head to the pantry for a food bag. It zips closed, so your cigars should be good, right? Not so fast. 

What works for your sammie isn’t best for your Southern Draws. Here’s why you could ruin cigars in a food bag: 

  1. Moisture leaks out.
  2. Moisture and dry air get in.
  3. Odors penetrate.

You can use one in a pinch. But even if you add Boveda to a food storage bag, it’s not ideal for long-term cigar storage. As Bespoke Unit’s Podcast Hosts Paul Anthony and Charles-Philippe Bowles explained, “Just how long this preserves the cigar depends on the ambient conditions. For example, in the milder months, you may get a few weeks or even months of storage. In the winter, when it’s drier, this may only be good for a few days.”

Why? A food bag isn’t airtight. In just a few days, the air inside the bag will exchange itself with new air. The Boveda will have to work harder—it’s like trying to fill up a bucket that has a hole in the bottom. You’ll replace Boveda more often, which will cost you more money, time and effort. Spending less on a food bag will cost you more in the long run. What a waste, considering it doesn’t even properly protect your cigars anyway!

If you’re looking for an affordable humidor, the Boveda Humidor Bag really is a better value, especially since it’s preloaded with Boveda, which won’t need to be replaced for a year. Among other aficionados, this purposeful cigar accessory certainly shows better, too. Much more impressive than swapping or sharing cigars out of some old freezer bag! 

A humidor bag that’s big enough for boxes, too! The large Boveda Humidor Bag also holds 60 to 80 loose cigars.

“Undecided between this and a humidor? Don’t think twice they are surprisingly efficient.”  

– D. Cass, A Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan 

Here’s What Makes a Boveda Humidor Bag Better Than A Plastic Bag for Cigar Storage 


The Boveda Humidor Bag is engineered to be a humidor. This barrier-laminated bag means effectively no moisture will get in nor out. That why it’s 2x more effective for storing cigars than a food storage bag.  


When RH levels fluctuate as they do in a food storage bag,  it will affect how your cigars smoke:
• Dry cigars tell you the sugars have evaporated and cigars will burn too hot (OUCH!) 
• Soggy, spongy cigars won’t stay lit, so you’ll never get the full flavor from your investment (DAMN!)

“Great for travel or reviving a few sticks that have been mistreated. Worth every penny!”

– J. Lubomski, Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan
Store up to 5 cigars in the small Boveda Humidor Bag
Better flavor, better spark, better burn. Keep up to 5 cigars at the right RH in a small Boveda Humidor Bag, an affordable travel humidor.


The heavy-duty polymer humidor bag is 3x denser than a food storage bag. Using 4.1 mil material makes it tough against rips, tears and punctures. It’s strong like a tupperdor but takes up less room, so fits in a pocket, backpack or carry-on. 


Cigars go where you go—golfing, fishing, skiing, camping, hunting, etc. Sometimes they find themselves in not-so-pleasant places, like a golf bag, glovebox, tackle box or ski boot bag. A special laminate barrier keeps the bad odors out and the good tobacco aroma in.

A Boveda Humidor Bag has an odor barrier to keep the aroma of cigars inside.
Keep the aroma of tobacco with your cigars. When you store cigars in a Boveda Humidor Bag, you can prevent other odors from transferring to your cigars. Think musty camping gear or a leather golf bag.

“I like being able to put a few cigars in these bags and take them to festivals, picnics, or anywhere in general. They do a fabulous job of keeping your cigars at the proper humidity level…much easier than carrying a cigar caddy with you.”

– D. Gardner, A Verified Boveda Humidor Bag Fan


Once you get your Boveda Humidor Bag, it’s ready to go right away. Just open it, add cigars and zip the bag closed. It’s the easiest way for you to maintain the right moisture for cigars. No matter the outside conditions, cigars stay smoke-ready. 


Even though it says “one year” on the front, it’s a reusable humidor bag. The Boveda inside the bag expires after a year. When the Boveda that came with your humidor bag starts to get crunchy and rigid, then it’s time to replace the pack with new Boveda 69% RH.

Use it again and again and again. Just replace the Boveda 69% RH inside with a new pack. The medium Boveda Humidor Bag holds up to 15 cigars. A portable humidor for under 10 bucks? Sold.

“I’m impatient. I want my cigars in perfect condition all the time, 24/7. So I put cigars in a Boveda Humidor Bag, so they’re ready to enjoy wherever I go.”

– Rob Gagner, Former Host of Cigar Podcast, Box Press 

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